SwiftUI: VideoPlayer

SwiftUI: VideoPlayer

At WWDC 2020, Apple introduced a view that can play local videos or videos from a URL. Is there a way to disable the default video controls (play/pause/scrubber/etc) on the new SwiftUI VideoPlayer in iOS14, so I could create a custom one?

Disclaimer: You won’t be able to use videos from YouTube.

“A view that displays the video content from a player object along with system-supplied playback controls.” — Apple Developer


To follow along with this tutorial, you’ll need some basic knowledge in:

  • Swift
  • At least Xcode 12+

Note: This only supports iOS 14+.

Getting Started With VideoPlayer

To begin, you will first need to import the required module:

import AVKit

For the purpose of illustration, I will download the Nyan Cat video from YouTube, which will have an mp4 extension. The file will then be placed inside the project as shown below. Please make sure that the target is selected or else your app will crash:

Please test this only on your device. Testing it on the simulator will not work.

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