Best Online Data Science Bootcamp for 2020 (Rated by SwitchUp)

Best Online Data Science Bootcamp for 2020 (Rated by SwitchUp)

Should you enroll in an online data science bootcamp or try one of the expensive offline schools? Compare your options stack for learning data science.

Traditional bootcamps tend to operate like schools. That means they have an application process that'll require you to fill out and submit forms, wait to find out whether you've been accepted, and then wait some more for the actual program's start date. Depending on the data science program you picked, you may also have to book travel and lodging.

Also, many traditional bootcamps do requre some online pre-work or have skill-based prerequisites you'll need to fulfill before attending.

Some even require or prefer advanced degrees in relevant disciplines! For example, the NYC Data Science Academy says that it prefers "individuals with master’s degrees or Ph.D.s in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics" and that learners with no prior background should apply six weeks early to allow time for pre-work.

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