How We Learned to Stop Guessing and Love Low P-Values

How We Learned to Stop Guessing and Love Low P-Values

Given two samples of latencies, how confident can we be that your build is truly an improvement in performance? Learn about testing for performance regressions in this blog post. t Yugabyte, we have nightly runs which store samples of various performance metrics for various workloads, so that any future nightly run can be compared to any past run easily.

How often should we measure performance? We could do so only when we make changes in the critical path, but [what if seemingly unrelated changes affect translation unit boundaries, and your compiler optimizations are affected?]\  What if you are consistently making changes to the critical path because you’re constantly trying to deliver better performance for your users? Getting into the business of predicting which changes will affect performance can be dangerous. In most cases, _you should be regularly testing for performance regressions. _ With regular commits from over 100 contributors, we’ve opted to measure this nightly, and for changes we expect to directly impact performance, we additionally measure and evaluate before committing.

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