Flutter May or May NotBe the Next Big Thing, But Kotlin Multiplatform Is Here to Stay

Flutter May or May NotBe the Next Big Thing, But Kotlin Multiplatform Is Here to Stay

The rise of Flutter shouldn’t worry native Android developers

Google’s Flutter framework has gained huge momentum in the past year. It’s become the talk of the town with some touting it as the next big thing, while others are passing it off as just another shiny new technology.

While the rise of Flutter is a good sign for cross-platform app development, it has left native Android developers confused. A lot of them who are starting out find themselves in a dilemma:

  • Should they stick with native Android and Kotlin or switch over to Flutter and Dart?
  • Will Google kill native Android development in favor of Flutter?

Considering that both the native Android and Flutter frameworks are technologies that come from Google’s own arsenal, deciding between them isn’t an easy task.

Google’s relentless support for Flutter only makes Android developers more worried and scared about Kotlin’s future in the ecosystem.

Before I talk about what the future holds for Android developers, I’d like to discuss two amazing articles that put forth contrasting views on Flutter’s future.

So here’s their brief summary:

  • Michael Long stated Flutter “isn’t the next big thing” and put forth some valid points. It’s true, Flutter will always be a second-class citizen on iOS and Google has a knack for killing products and technologies faster than anyone.
  • Erik van Baaren said Flutter “is in fact the next big thing”. He raised a great counterargument in the form of Dart’s compatibility with Fuchsia(perhaps the future of Android OS).

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