Stock Market Lamp Real

Stock Market Lamp Real

How to track your own portfolio in real-time using Python. Needless to say that the stock market has been volatile during this pandemic.

Needless to say that the stock market has been volatile during this pandemic. As most of us are stuck at home, I decide it to build a cool colored lamp to reflect my stock market portfolio in real-time. That way, when the stock market opens, my lamp switches on and its color reflect my opening market position and gets updated during the day. It is a cool gadget that I have not seen (yet) to buy, so why not build your own. I'm not a fan of day-trading, and for many reasons that I will discuss another day I strongly believe that most people shouldn't day-trade too. So the lamp is more a fun accessory than an anxiety creator.

List of materials

Here is what you need to build your Stock Market Lamp Real-Time Tracker. If you already own a color bulb, you can check if there is a library or API to send commands via http. In this case we are using a Yeelight which has a Python library for it.

Yeelight bulb

Light bulb globe

Basically, you will have a Wi-fi smart lamp and its color changing from your Python code. The globe is an enclosure to make it look nice.

Python Code Bulb Control

Create a new python project. Install the main two libraries we will be using:

pip install yeelight investpy

Install the yeelight mobile app and configure the bulb. In the app, turn the LAN Control on. Get the IP address of the bulb on Bulb -> Settings (top right icon) -> Device Info. Check if the bulb is working.

from yeelight import Bulb, BulbException
BULB_IP = '192.168.X.XXX'
bulb = Bulb(BULB_IP)
bulb.get_properties(requested_properties=['power', ])

Python Code Stock Market

Next you can create a function to determine your stock's PnL

def daily_pnl(stock):
    stock_data = investpy.get_stock_historical_data(stock, 'united states', from_date=( +
    stock_data.index = stock_data.index + timedelta(days=1)
    ytd = stock_data.iloc[0].Close
    tdy = stock_data.iloc[1].Close
    return ((tdy-ytd)/ytd)*100

Simply passing a stock such as 'AAPL' should return the profit or loss from the day before.

Finally, all you have to do is to convert a PnL range to a RGB color.

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