Release: Permanently silence issues in code

Release: Permanently silence issues in code

Meet, `skipcq`; a unified way to silence issues from source code that works across all analyzers available on DeepSource by simply adding it as a comment.

Not every code convention violation in your code is something that you would want to take an action on. Take an example from Python — mark_safe, a function that considers all input passed as valid, would open security vulnerabilities in a view that deals with user input. But it makes complete sense if used in an environment where the user input is guaranteed to be trusted. Administrator views are a perfect example of this. DeepSource raises an issue for this violation, regardless of the context it is used in.

In the latest release, we have introduced a new keyword that you can add to your code as a comment. This will allows you to silence one or more issues in that line of code permanently.

Meet, skipcq (which stands for skip continuous quality)— a unified way to silence issues from source code that works across all analyzers available on DeepSource. This special keyword can be used as part of a comment in the same line or surrounding lines where the violation has occurred to silence it.

Silencing a specific issue

Add skipcq as a comment with the issue’s short-code at the end of the line, or one the line above it to silence the issue.

input = 10  ## skipcq: PYL-W0622
## skipcq: PYL-W0622
input = 10

Doing so will suppress PYL-W0622 on this line, which is raised because the inbuilt function input has been redefined.

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