Go Programming Language Tutorial | Golang Tutorial For Beginners

Go Programming Language Tutorial | Golang Tutorial For Beginners

Learn the Go programming language (Golang) in this step-by-step tutorial course for beginners. Go is an open source programming language designed at Google that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

Go Foundations teaches you everything from scratch without any assumption of prior programming knowledge. The course focuses more on actual programming concept rather than only the language syntax. Its a hands-on course with 17 Quizzes, 10 Assignments & 4 Projects, this course is all you require to understand the "Go" programming language in-depth.

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The course also comes with expert help and timely resolution to your questions, the course also provides all the code links on Github and Golang Play links wherever possible, with all these we make sure you are never lost in the coding journey.

What you’ll learn

  • Installing "Go" on OSx, Linux (Ubuntu) & Windows
  • Basic Command Line Basics
  • Basic Programming Concepts In "Go"
  • Basic Data Types - Integer, Float, Boolean & String
  • Composite Data Types - Structure, Array, Slice & Maps
  • Interface, Packages & Pointer
  • Function Declaration And Methods
  • Receiver Functions
  • Concurrency - Using Channels & Goroutines.
  • Goroutines
  • Basic Web Server
  • Building & Compiling to Machine Code
  • Flow Control - If/Else, Switch, For Loops
  • Input / Output
  • File Handling
  • Error Handling
  • Testing

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • This course does not assume you to have any programming knowledge, I will teach you from scratch.
  • A basic understanding of computer is required, you should be able to install & uninstall softwares.
  • Any prior knowledge of programming is welcome, but its not a must.
  • You would require a text editor like atom, sublime text, visual studio code, etc. I will show you how to install them and the preferred choices.
  • You would also require to install 'Go', no worries, I'll teach you how to do it in super easy steps.

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