Fantasy Cricket App Development | White-label Fantasy Cricket Software & Solution

Fantasy Cricket App Development | White-label Fantasy Cricket Software & Solution

Launch a white-label fantasy cricket app that’s highly robust and engraved with sought after features developed with cutting edge technology. Entice your users with our all-in-one fantasy cricket app solution!

The virtual gaming platform is showing sustainable development in recent years. People tend to keep themselves entertained by trying out new online games. With the ongoing season of IPL, this is the right time to pitch a fantasy cricket application. Cricket has never failed to catch the enthusiasm of the audience. Take this opportunity to deploy a cricket app that will pour income.

Highlighting features of this app: Fantasy for every league- Through this app users can participate in leagues like IPL, T20, CWC etc., Live scores- Live scores will cheer the players and increase the attention towards the app. Player cards- In order to facilitate users in selecting the players, the player card is incorporated. The player card will have comparison charts for every player. Multi-drafting options- To aid users to select players, the multi drafting option is included. With this users can source players from online drafts, auto drafts, auctions etc., The actual working of the app: Users will log into the match and search for tournaments/matches. Users will have to pay an entry fee to join any of the matches. Now, the user will select players for the team. Based on the result of the match, users will be rewarded with the winning amount. Users can withdraw the amount from their bank accounts.


Our fantasy cricket app development services include options for customizing and scaling the app. We provide white label so that you can rebrand it according to your business.

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Fantasy Cricket App Development | Fantasy Cricket Software Development - Mobiweb

Fantasy Cricket App Development- Mobiweb is expert in providing White label Fantasy cricket software, Fantasy cricket website development and app development services.

Fantasy Sport App Development | Fantasy Sports Software Development Company

Create an interactive, feature-rich fantasy sports app with our holistic fantasy app solutions that are highly customizable and ready-to-launch!


``` ``` Fantasy Cricket Apps and websites have become the focus, it is an excellent idea to try your hands in Fantasy Cricket App Development for IPL 2020....

How does Fantasy Cricket App Make Money?

Mobiweb Technologies offers a lucarative fantasy cricket app development service in USA, UK, India. To get more details call us now. 91-9753333332

How long does it take to develop/build an app?

This article covers A-Z about the mobile and web app development process and answers your question on how long does it take to develop/build an app.