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Top 10 Companies in California To Hire Node js Developers

Are you seeking node js developers for hire? Then you have come to the exact place. In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 companies to hire node js developers. 

Many companies find difficulty in searching for the best firm to hire node js developers when it comes to development. To solve this, we have covered the list of 10 companies in California to hire dedicated node js developers, which you can select according to your project needs. 

Top 10 Companies to Hire Node js Developers in 2022 

With the continuous growth of a mobile app development company, the demand for node js developers for hire is also increasing. So we have created a list of the top 10 companies in California from which you can choose to develop software. 

#1. BelitSoft 

BelitSoft, a node js development company, emphasises offering its clients high-end solutions. Since 2004, BeliSoft has created effective partnerships by emphasising hiring and withholding those extremely influenced by technology. With more than 400+ employees, they have become the best software development company with data privacy and security expertise, e-learning, travel and hospitality, and so on.  

Being the top software development company, they have served more than 1000+ clients from different regions like us, uk etc. BelitSoft has proficient and skilled developers who can offer their clients excellent node js application development. You can select BelitSoft to Hire Node js developers for your project.

BelitSoft has expertise in the following domain:

  • Node.js development
  • Product Engineering
  • BI & Big Data, 
  • AI services 
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • UX/UI Design 

#2. Dev Technosys 

Being the top mobile app development company, Dev Technosys has 11+ years of expertise in web development services. Founded in 2010, the company has served more than 450 clients from numerous sectors. You can hire node js developers from their firm. They have accomplished and skilled developers who are proficient in modern languages and frameworks. The services Dev Technosys offers are mentioned below:

  • Education Software Development
  • Gaming & Leisure Development
  • Healthcare Software Development Services
  • E-Commerce & Retail& B2b Development


#3. Resourcifi

Resourcifi, another software development company founded in 2009, provides multiple services to help improve the triumph of firms. It has 300+ skilled and experienced employees and provides its client's various services. They have done 600+ projects for their clients across the globe and have 350+ happy clients.

Resourcifi also provides node js developers for hireIt is vital to know that their skilled and proficient node js developers are available for hire full-time, part-time and hourly with a $25/hour cost. You can opt for this firm to Hire Node js developers. Healthcare, finance, education and many more industries have taken valuable services from resourcifi. 

Resourcifi offers the below services to its clients:

  • IOS development
  • hybrid app development services
  • Gaming app development services
  • Quality assurance app testing services
  • Staff Augmentation  
  • UI/UX design 

#4. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is another web development company that offers custom app development for numerous organisations and firms. CRM, supply chain management, fleet management, ERP etc., are some popular solutions they provide. 

ScienceSoft commenced its services in 1989. It has served 20+ years in javascript development services and has fulfilled over 50+ extensive Node.js projects for its clients. The company provides web developers for hire who are efficient and skilled in node js framework with 5+ years of experience.

Following is the list of services ScienceSoft provides:

  • Application development services
  • UI/UX design
  • Testing and QA
  • Infrastructure services
  • Cyber security services
  • IT outsourcing
  • custom web development services


NaNLABS is another top Node.js development firm founded in 2013. It constructs web and mobile applications that build bespoke software, web designs and construction consulting. 

The company has completed projects for clients like Sodexo, Cargill, Skyroam, Tapcartetc.

It has 7+ years of expertise in the respected field with 200+ employees and 30+ dedicated developers, and skilled designers. Hire dedicated node js developers from NaNLABS devoted to transforming the IT sector. 

Below are the specialisations in which NaNLABS have years of expertise:

  • Product discovery
  • Web Designing 
  • Native and cross-platform mobile applications
  • Development of complex enterprise web applications services 
  • MVP development services 
  • Architecture consultancy 
  • DevOps consultancy 
  • Team augmentation

#6. STRV 

STRV, established in 2004, has an enthusiastic software team that provides the best development services to top firms, start-ups, and undertakings. The company has years of expertise in developing competent inventiveness before its establishment. Microsoft, Hallmark, ClassDojo, and The Athletic are some of the top clients of STRV that have taken the best services from it.

STRV hires the finest individuals, who are reputed to be considerate and proficient professionals who value the confidence and responsibility conferred upon them for accomplishing their tasks and providing outcomes. With the effective hiring model, you can pick STRV to hire node js developers for your development projects. The hourly rate of node js developers is $100-$149. 

STRV offers enormous services to its clients like:

  • Product Management services 
  •  Data Science services 
  • Web design services 
  • Mobile App Development services 
  • Web Development
  • Quality Assurance Testing


#7. Roostrap 

Roostrap is the most popular software development company in California. The firm has worked on customized plans by integrating the best developers and giving customers values to support their business success. You can opt for this top company to hire dedicated developers for your project's requirements. 

The company serves various sectors like education, healthcare, ecommerce customer, technology, media entertainment and many more. The company has served their expertise for the top Disney, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, and Spotify. 

Since 2011, Roostrap's services have assisted companies in launching about 750+ digital products, giving firms 100+ million downloads. The company has excellent and highly professional staff to hire node js developers and provide full-stack development services to its clients. 

Roostrap offers the below services to its clients:

  • Web development
  • Machine learning
  • Product strategy services 
  • DevOps services 
  • Technical workshops services 
  • QA testing
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Mobile development services 
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency 


#8. Altoros Labs

Altoros Labs is another application development company with over 20+ years of experience in web and mobile app development, DevOps, and cloud software. Established in 2001, Altoros Labs has numerous clients for which the company has worked. 

The company has 350+ engineers that are professionals in node js development, cloud development, mobile development etc. You can select this company to hire node js developers for the development of your projects. 

With 70% of clients gained through referrals, the developers offer custom web development services, ensuring that all your business goals are fulfilled. 

Altoros Labs provide the following services to its clients:

  • Software product development services
  • API development and integration services
  • Software testing and Quality Assurance 
  • DevOps services 
  • Kubernetes managed services 
  • Technology benchmarking 

#9. Baires Dev 

Baires Dev, established in 2009, is the top software development company. With 3000+ professional developers, they have completed various projects, and their top clients are Rolls Royce, Google, Urban Outfitters etc. You can hire node js developers for the development of software. 

BairesDev has effectively transformed digitalization into beneficial technological acceleration using its knowledge and cross-industry expertise. The firm's ultimate objective in its digital transformation process is to provide benefits that will endure.

BairesDev is expertise in the following services:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile & Web Development
  • UI/UX Design

#10. Vincit 

Vincit is another company that has specialisation in custom software development. The company offers expert services like Website Development, Mobile App Development services and other impacted Systems. Vincit has more than 500+ employees working on various projects you can choose to hire for your business. 


We have mentioned above the top 10 companies you can select to hire dedicated node js developers. We hope you like the information that we have offered to you. The above-listed companies have years of expertise in providing services to their clients. Now it is up to you which company you want to select for your business projects to dedicated node js developers. 

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Top 10 Companies in California To Hire Node js Developers

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Top 10 NodeJs app Development Companies- ValueCoders

Node.js is a prominent tech trend in the space of web and mobile application development. It has been proven very efficient and useful for a variety of application development. Thus, all business owners are eager to leverage this technology for creating their applications.

Are you striving to develop an application using Node.js? But can’t decide which company to hire for NodeJS app development? Well! Don’t stress over it, as the following list of NodeJS app development companies is going to help you find the best partner.

Let’s take a glance at top NodeJS application development companies to hire developers in 2021 for developing a mind-blowing application solution.

Before enlisting companies, I would like to say that every company has a foundation on which they thrive. Their end goals, qualities, and excellence define their competence. Thus, I prepared this list by considering a number of aspects. While making this list, I have considered the following aspects:

  • Review and rating
  • Enlisted by software peer & forums
  • Hourly price
  • Offered services
  • Year of experience (Average 8+ years)
  • Credibility & Excellence
  • Served clients and more

I believe this list will help you out in choosing the best NodeJS service provider company. So, now let’s explore the top NodeJS developer companies to choose from in 2021.

#1. JSGuru

JSGuru is a top-rated NodeJS app development company with an innovative team of dedicated NodeJS developers engaged in catering best-class UI/UX design, software products, and AWS professional services.

It is a team of one of the most talented developers to hire for all types of innovative solution development, including social media, dating, enterprise, and business-oriented solutions. The company has worked for years with a number of startups and launched a variety of products by collaborating with big-name corporations like T-systems.

If you want to hire NodeJS developers to secure an outstanding application, I would definitely suggest them. They serve in the area of eLearning, FinTech, eCommerce, Telecommunications, Mobile Device Management, and more.

  • Ratings: 4.9/5.0

  • Founded: 2006

  • Headquarters: Banja Luka, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

  • Price: Starting from $50/hour

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Looking to hire top Node.js developers at affordable prices? Get dedicated Node.js developers with 5+ years of average experience on hourly or full time (dedicated monthly) basis to build dynamic, feature-rich and secure software applications.

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Looking to hire top Node.js developers at affordable prices? Get dedicated Node.js developers with 6+ years of average experience on hourly or full time (dedicated monthly) basis to build dynamic, feature-rich and secure software applications.

Our offshore Node JS developers create simple as well as complex enterprise-grade Node.js applications for small, mid-large scale businesses & can save your development cost up to 60%.

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