Ranking Categories with Power BI

Ranking Categories with Power BI

How to visualize the top n categories and others with MS Power BI. I recently started working with Power BI more constantly, and I’ve been learning a bunch of things with the tool.

I recently started working with Power BI more constantly, and I’ve been learning a bunch of things with the tool.

I thought coming from a more code-oriented perspective would make it easier for me to tackle tools such as Power BI, but change is often uncomfortable anyways.

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If you’re used to a business-oriented solution, it’ll be a pain learning how to code and having to be responsible for almost every aspect of your visualization. And if you’re coming from code, you’ll have to get used to the limitations of your new tool, having to adapt the original idea, and creating workarounds.

In this article, I’ll share one of my recent challenges and the solutions I found for representing grouped and ranked data.

If you’re new to Power BI, I hope you’ll learn something with me, and if you’re a pro with the tool, maybe you can get some laughs at my mistakes and give me some pointers for my next projects.

The Request

The initial task sounded quite straightforward. The customer wants to see the count by category.

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