Google BERT Update: The biggest Change to its Search Results in Years

Google BERT Update: The biggest Change to its Search Results in Years

Google unveils BERT Update, largest search breakthrough in 5 years As a **[Digital Marketing Service Provider]( "Digital Marketing Service Provider")**, it becomes necessary to be updated with all the latest...

Google unveils BERT Update, largest search breakthrough in 5 years

As a Digital Marketing Service Provider, it becomes necessary to be updated with all the latest updates. Recently, Google has announced that it will soon launch a new search algorithm called "BERT". They even told that their experts were working on it from the past five years now.

It is noted that the new algorithm will better understand the context of the request. Also, the algorithm is called a bidirectional artificial intelligence encoder (BERT).

The algorithm was tested in an English search engine. His work allowed to reduce the number of conversions to sites in the SERP, as users began to quickly receive the information they needed. In particular, BERT helped to better understand every tenth request in the United States in English.

Google applies BERT models in ranking and in the formation of featured snippets (featured snippets). In ranking - only for requests in English, for selected snippets - in more than 20 countries of the world where this function works. Thanks to BERT, the search engine has made significant improvements to featured snippets in languages ​​such as Korean, Portuguese, and Hindi.

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BERT Algorithm understand natural queries

Google Bert

Google emphasized that the BERT search algorithm is "not only their greatest achievement in the last 5 years but in general - one of the largest in the history of search engines, thus all the SEO management companies will now need to change their strategies based on this update.


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