Angular Resolver for Prefetching Data

Angular Resolver for Prefetching Data

Working with prefetching Data using Angular Resolver

Working with prefetching Data using Angular Resolver

What is Angular Resolver?

Angular Resolvers are used in order to pre-fetch some data while the user is redirecting from one Route to another. The newly available page will already have the data that is required to be rendered in the page.

In certain scenario, we might require to pre-load the data for the component to be displayed, so that during the initial rendering itself the component contains the data rather than displaying the empty component first and then querying for API to extract the data.

Why do we use Resolvers in Angular Route?

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The common use case scenario for using Angular Resolvers is when the route which is getting loaded is looking for some asynchronous data. The asynchronous data need to be displayed in the component.

There are 2 approaches when we have some requirement for asynchronous data for the Component to be rendered.

  1. Loading Data after Component Loads: In the first approach, we can initially render the component without any data, once the component is loaded, we can make an Ajax Call to extract the component data. Then the component is re-rendered to display the data available from the Ajax Call. Its similar to rendering a blank template initially and then adding data to the template. The data might be available after a short delay once component is initially rendered.
  2. Loading Data before Component Loads: Another approach is to keep data handy before rendering the component. If the data is needed to be extracted from a Asynchronous call, the component will wait first for the data to be available before rendering the component for the first time. this way, we wont be rendering the empty template ever. The router is waiting for data to be available first before initial rendering of the component.

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