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ONPASSIVE - AI Based IT Company, Orlando

While we see a huge number of startups every year only a few actually survive to make it to the top and sustain. Many lose the race and more often than not many actually have to close down within a few months of operations. The main reason why we see a large number of startup faltering in their growth trajectory is due to a failure in getting through to the right audience and an issue in getting the right amount of funds.

There could be various issues that a new business can have while starting and establishing its foothold in the market. If the initial stages are smooth and easy the later stages can get a little tasking as you grow in the production team and may need more capital to fund your growing plans and liabilities.
While there are numerous platforms where startups can seek funding, these come with various ifs and buts of the investor. Many startups have to give up major part of their shares to be able to get the funding that they require.

This is not easy for a new entrepreneur to accept. But this becomes a part of the deal when you are looking for funding in the investment channels. That way you may lose control over the company as you start answering questions on growth, plan and execution to the investors. This does not come easy to anyone who has put in every effort to start the company. Differences in opinion may arise and lead to drastic decisions too.

Secure your dreams in the Right Ecosystem

ONPASSIVE understands this predicament of an entrepreneur and has come up with a unique way to ease the way to establishing and sustaining a startup. ONPASSIVE offers a unique platform for people with innovative minds and zeal to make a mark in the market. With a well-planned infrastructure and a business ecosystem that thrives on a marketing strategy that spans the entire globe, ONPASSIVE can help you reach out to your target audience in the shortest time and in the most effective ways.

With a sophisticated pool of AI powered Enterprise Application Softwares ONPASSIVE offers an amazing platform for new startups to flourish and reach their targets in the shortest possible time. You do not have to clamor for an investor’s funding support to be able to sustain your dream company. You still remain the sole founder while getting the benefits of a fully streamlined business structure that can help you grow to heights you never imagined possible.

ONPASSIVE uses its deep tech data analytical tools to help you generate leads and convert them to viable customers. With an AI enabled digital marketing tool we help you navigate the right customers to the right platform giving you access to a whole pool of customer base.

This is a wonderful opportunity for startups from all across the world to get the right amount of support to realize the dream they nurture. It is the right time to explore the options that ONPASSIVE offers and maximize on a platform that is ready to perform.

As ONPASSIVE spreads out its reach to other countries, it is helping the numerous businesses associated with it to reach a global market and gain the visibility it needs. It is an opportune moment for businesses striving to get a foothold in the market to grab on and start their progress.

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ONPASSIVE - AI Based IT Company, Orlando
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sophia tondon


Top AI / ML Development Company | Best AI / ML Services & Solutions

Accelerate your digital transformation with our AI development services like media workflow automation, computer vision systems, video processing tools, and more. Our AI & ML team builds world-class AI solutions for startups, agencies, & enterprises catering to different verticals, like healthcare, adtech, eCommerce, etc.

Are you planning to outsource AI/ML development services? Or would you like to hire an offshore AI app development team?

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Making Sales More Efficient: Lead Qualification Using AI

If you were to ask any organization today, you would learn that they are all becoming reliant on Artificial Intelligence Solutions and using AI to digitally transform in order to bring their organizations into the new age. AI is no longer a new concept, instead, with the technological advancements that are being made in the realm of AI, it has become a much-needed business facet.

AI has become easier to use and implement than ever before, and every business is applying AI solutions to their processes. Organizations have begun to base their digital transformation strategies around AI and the way in which they conduct their business. One of these business processes that AI has helped transform is lead qualifications.

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AI and ML Technology Based Company | ONPASSIVE

Today, many businesses have launched, and many more are yet to start. All the businesses, irrespective of form size and new or old, try hard to succeed in this competitive marketing world. ONPASSIVE is also one such AI-tech company that has launched recently by Mr. Ash Mufareh.
It is established to help businesses by providing unique and extraordinary AI-equipped products and services. It also offers business strategies and makes you financially free. The organization is building the latest and advanced tools and applications using the best technologies for its users.
Businesses incorporating these products and tools into the business can achieve high profits and success personally and professionally. But, nowadays, many negative comments are coming out on this company. Most people are thinking like ONPASSIVE fake offices. Is it a fake company? Here, we provide the complete details about this company.
About the Company:
As discussed above, it is an Artificial Intelligence Product Based Company started with an aim to provide equal opportunity for all businesses. The company CEO mainly visions to offer services for businesses by providing incredible and unique tools and applications to make the process easier and wiser.
The organization ensures to develop the products with the best technologies and by the professionals. Businesses seeking to operate the business with the latest and marketing trends but facing challenges to do that can incorporate the company’s products and services. It assists you throughout the process and drives success.
It takes your business and put all its efforts as its own company to achieve company goals and success for you. From strategies to implementation, decision-making to operate a business successfully provides its services and makes you tense and financially free.
Mr. Ash also launched a platform known as GoFounders, which is the back office of ONPASSIVE. Founders are the key persons who put all efforts into bringing tools and products into the market globally. Also, you can earn residual income by joining the platform. It has launched some exceptional tools and products recently and planning to launch some more soon.
ONPASSIVE fake Company?
Is ONPASSIVE a fake company? Not at all. It is a genuine and legitimate company together working hard to provide services for need. It is offering ultimate tech-based tools and platforms.
The company is also providing a digital platform to increase its users’ brand visibility and traffic by leveraging its strategies and tools. So, no negative thought about this company. In fact, the organization developing products and paying employees correctly. Then, how can it be a scam or fake company?
Based on our deep search, it is a real and genuine company.
Wrapping up:
Don’t trust all negative comments blindly. So, ONPASSIVE building scam review, fake company, all these are not true. It is a trustworthy company building AI products and tools to help all businesses and makes them successful.
Businesses looking to operate the business with the latest tech trends but facing challenges can leverage this company tools and strategies and drive success. It helps you to generate high profits and makes you stand ahead of your competitors.

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Murray Beatty


This Week in AI | Rubik's Code

Every week we bring to you the best AI research papers, articles and videos that we have found interesting, cool or simply weird that week.

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This Week in AI - Issue #22 | Rubik's Code

Every week we bring to you the best AI research papers, articles and videos that we have found interesting, cool or simply weird that week.Have fun!

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