TRPG instant IM software client, based on React and React Native + Redux

TRPG instant IM software client, based on React and React Native + Redux

TRPG instant IM software client, based on React and React Native + Redux .Simply put, it is similar to DingTalk, Slack, Discord and other functional chat software made with instant messaging as the core and assisted by other business needs.

Simply put, it is similar to DingTalk, Slack, Discord and other functional chat software made with instant messaging as the core and assisted by other business needs.

This project includes the following:

  • TRPG Engine front-end webpage
  • TRPG Engine mobile terminal
  • TRPG Engine Universal Portal

Official document:

Online address:

Mobile download:


  • Character card system based on XML description (can be understood as a dynamic form) -Playground
  • Practice and tool chain of sharing redux state between web and RN
  • Multi-terminal coexistence and code sharing (Web terminal, RN terminal, Portal terminal (Portal terminal is the way that RN terminal performs some intermediate operations through webview, similar to H5 terminal of various mobile apps) )
  • Some other self-development utilities, such as RN端WEB端通用Portal组件快速生成通用表单基于BBCode的消息解释器,通用缓存管理机制

Package & run

Recommended NodeJS version: v10.19.0

$ npm install

RUN dev npm $ ## run local development server

The development server be accessed to access the client. The client needs to cooperate with the server to run normally. For details, you can check the server project TRPGEngine/Server

About development progress

  • Currently there are both new and old versions on the web, and the old version is used by default
  • It is currently recommended to experience the new version of the UI, which can be switched through the menu in the lower left corner
  • Currently the mobile terminal corresponds to the old version of the web version of the UI, and the mobile terminal corresponding to the new version of the UI is under planning
  • The new version of the mobile terminal can achieve a better browsing experience through Chrome PWA

About environment variables

  • PLATFORM: Compiled platform, optional: webappelectron, by defaultweb
  • NODE_ENV: Compiler environment, optional: productiondevelopment, defaultdevelopment
  • TRPG_HOST: Compile the specified back-end server address, default value: (compile environment developmentis
  • ASSET_PATH: Resource file path, default is /. Used to specify the cdn address of the packaged resource. Such as//

New UI release log and preview

Some screenshots of the old UI

desktop version:




  • Q: Why don't I use the ready-made QQ WeChat to communicate but use your independent application to run the group?
  • A: This question seems to be why there are dedicated DingTalk and corporate WeChat communication tools for work, Slack for software, and Discord for games. Because in addition to the most basic communication, other auxiliary functions are often needed TRPG Engineto meet this demand. TRPG EngineIt will not pursue other functions, but will focus on the field of running a group for continuous deep cultivation. It would be good to be able to meet the needs of this specific group of people

About contribution

Welcome to send pr, please describe the purpose of the change in detail when initiating pr, it will be more convenient for review

About open source

This project is based on the GPLv3 open source agreement . It is not allowed to be used for any unauthorized commercial activities.

Download Details:

Author: TRPGEngine


Source Code:

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