Step by Step Guide to Learn Machine Learning

Step by Step Guide to Learn Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a broad subject in various fields to study. It takes an intense amount of time and energy to gain the knowledge required to become a Machine Learning Professional . ML experts are one of the most desired and respected job profiles in the world today.

· Technology has completely altered the way people live and experience their life. Almost everything online is run by Machine Learning today. · Machine learning is the learning of Computer Algorithms that improve automatically through its experience. · Machine Learning is used in every software, Web-platform, Search Engine, and in every Application/Device in this age of science and technology. · Due to its advanced uses, there is a lot of demand in companies for people who are experts in Machine Learning. · More than 80% of employees in tech companies are working on Machine Learning algorithms and its application in a variety of domains, thereby working on large-scale, dynamic data.

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Deep Learning vs Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence vs Data Science

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Start a Career in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs Data Science

Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs Data Science: Artificial intelligence is a field where set of techniques are used to make computers as smart as humans. Machine learning is a sub domain of artificial intelligence where set of statistical and neural network based algorithms are used for training a computer in doing a smart task. Deep learning is all about neural networks. Deep learning is considered to be a sub field of machine learning. Pytorch and Tensorflow are two popular frameworks that can be used in doing deep learning.