Redux Thunk Example | How To Use Redux Thunk In React

Redux Thunk Example | How To Use Redux Thunk In React

Redux Thunk Example. Redux-Thunk is the middleware that lets you call the action creators that return the function instead of a object.

In this example, we will see Redux Thunk Tutorial With Example From Scratch. Redux is a predictable container state management system. It’s a lightweight implementation of Flux, which is another library for managing the state. Redux allows us to put a middleware that sits between an action being dispatched and the action that reaching to the reducers.

Two very popular middleware libraries that will allow for side effects and asynchronous activities are  Redux Thunk and  Redux Saga.

Redux Thunk is the middleware that lets you call the action creators that return a function instead of the action object. That function then receives the store’s dispatch method, which is then used to dispatch the regular synchronous actions inside a body of the function once the asynchronous operations have completed. 

The thunk is a concept in programming where a function is used to delay the evaluation/calculation of an operation.

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