The Failed Criticism of Web Components

The Failed Criticism of Web Components

Are Web Components really a failed promise because you think is a bad example? ... So to recap, Verou criticism of Web Components is actually about framework bloat and issues with single-page apps, based on and an old Polymer demo.

Here’s my response to Lea Verou’s article “The failed promise of Web Components” that was published last Thursday.

I was pointed to the article by someone on Twitter and first thought I was pointed to the article “The broken promise of Web Components” that was published in 2017, but that was not the case.

Verou make some good points in her criticism of Web Components, but why this leads her to dismiss Web Components as “a failed promise” is frankly beyond me.

She states that the promise of Web Components was that these would “_make web development more accessible to non-programmers and easier for programmers_”.

But according to Verou this never happened because “_somewhere along the way, the space got flooded by JS frameworks aficionados, who revel in complex APIs, over-engineered build processes and dependency graphs that look like the roots of a banyan tree_”.

Well, I agree on that. Frontend development has become way to complex in the past years. But what exactly does that have to do with Web Components?

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