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Reverse Engineered: Donata Stroink Skillrud, President at Termageddon

In this episode of Reverse Engineered, Jon Penland introduces Donata Stroink-Skillrud. Donata is the President at Termageddon. She is also the vice-chair of The Privacy Committee of the American Bar Association.

Donata explains why companies need privacy policies and emphasizes the risks if businesses don’t comply with the law. She also talks about Termagedoon’s services, including the advisory.

As a business owner, Donata faces many challenges, so she reveals ways of dealing with them. The guest also says, having an investor is ‘‘really nice’’ because it ensures stability, especially in times like this.

Tune in to hear Donata’s insights on why we need privacy policies, and explain her fascinating path that went from writing policies to helping companies be compliant.

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Reverse Engineered: Donata Stroink Skillrud, President at Termageddon