A sample e-commerce clothing application, built with React, Redux, JavaScript, and CSS

A sample e-commerce clothing application, built with React, Redux, JavaScript, and CSS

cloth-app A sample e-commerce clothing application, built with React, Redux, JavaScript, and CSS


A sample e-commerce clothing application, built with React, Redux, JavaScript, and CSS.

Project Screen Shots

Home Page

Shop Page

Checkout Page

Authentication Page

Installation and Setup Instructions

Clone down this repository. You will need node and npm installed globally on your machine.


Run either npm install or yarn in project root directory and client folder to build all dependencies.

Firebase config

Replace the firebaseConfig variable in client/src/utils/firebase.utils.js with your own config object from the firebase dashboard. Learn more.

Stripe config

Set the publishableKey variable in the client/src/components/stripe/StripeCheckoutButton with your own publishable key from the stripe dashboard. Learn More.

In the project root directory, create a .env file, type STRIPE_SECRET_KEY=secret_key, replacing secret_key with your own Stripe secret key. Learn More.

Start Server

npm dev or yarn dev in project root directory.

To Visit App:


Languages, Tools & Libraries


  • ESLint : JavaScript and JSX Linter.

  • React : Library for building UI.

  • Redux : Library for managing application state.

  • Node.js / Express : Node.js for server side coding, used with express framework.

  • axios : Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js.



  • Firebase : Realtime database + users authentication management.

  • Stripe : Online payment platform.

Functionality overview

  • Sign-up / Sign-in using email or google account.

  • Browse items by category.

  • Add items to cart.

  • Show cart content information (quantity of each article, total price...)

  • Checkout items using Stripe with a given test credit card information to use.


This is a 3 week long project following a course built in order to learn React's advanced features and familiarizing myself with React ecosystem. I was planning to add many more features I had in mind, but I wasn't able to do so due to time constraints. I chose to use the create-react-app boilerplate to minimize initial setup and invest more time in diving into weird technological rabbit holes.

Download Details:

Author: hsusanoo

Demo: https://cloth-app.herokuapp.com/

Source Code: https://github.com/hsusanoo/cloth-app

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