Zachary Palmer

Zachary Palmer


Setting up an Express Server

For this one, we’ll go through how to set up a basic express server. Express is a web application framework for Node JS and is commonly used in a lot of projects!

For more information, check out the documentation:

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Setting up an Express Server
Ray  Patel

Ray Patel


Python Packages in SQL Server – Get Started with SQL Server Machine Learning Services


When installing Machine Learning Services in SQL Server by default few Python Packages are installed. In this article, we will have a look on how to get those installed python package information.

Python Packages

When we choose Python as Machine Learning Service during installation, the following packages are installed in SQL Server,

  • revoscalepy – This Microsoft Python package is used for remote compute contexts, streaming, parallel execution of rx functions for data import and transformation, modeling, visualization, and analysis.
  • microsoftml – This is another Microsoft Python package which adds machine learning algorithms in Python.
  • Anaconda 4.2 – Anaconda is an opensource Python package

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Brain  Crist

Brain Crist


SCHEMAS in SQL Server -MS SQL Server – Zero to Hero Query Master


This is part 3 of “MS SQL Server- Zero to Hero” and in this article, we will be discussing about the SCHEMAS in SQL SERVER. Before getting into this article, please consider to visit previous articles in this series from below,

A glimpse of previous articles
Part 1

In part one, we learned the basics of data, database, database management system, and types of DBMS and SQL.

Part 2
  • We learned to create a database and maintain it using SQL statements.
  • Best practice methods were also mentioned.

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Karlee  Will

Karlee Will


SQL Server Express Edition – Definition, Benefits, and Limitations

SQL Server Express is a free lightweight edition of SQL Server with limited functionality, available for all versions starting from SQL Server 2005. You can use it for small data-driven applications and independent application vendors.

The Express edition restrictions are the following:

  • Maximum relational database size: 10 GB
  • Maximum compute capacity for SQL Server instance: Lessor of 1 socket or 4 cores.
  • Maximum compute capacity for SSAS and SSRS: Lessor of 1 socket or 4 cores.
  • Maximum Memory: 1410 MB
  • Log shipping, Backup compression, Always On Availability Groups, Basic Availability Group, Online index create and rebuild, Accelerated database recovery, Encrypted backup – Not available
  • Intelligent Database: automatic tuning, row mode memory grant feedback, the batch mode for row store – Not available
  • Transparent database encryption, Heterogeneous subscribers, Peer to peer transactional replication, Transactional replication to Azure – Not available
  • SQL Server Agent, SQL profiler, Database Tuning Advisor (DTA) – Not available
  • Performance data collector, Standard performance reports, Parallel consistency check, Database mail, T-SQL endpoints – Not supported

The current article will explore the processes of downloading and configuring the Express SQL Server edition, as well as highlight some essential factors in its work.

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Michael  Hamill

Michael Hamill


Get Started with SQL Server Machine Learning Services

We know Humans learn from their past experiences. Mean while Machines follow Instructions given by Humans. But what if Human can train Machines to learn from the past data?. In simple, this is what Machine learning is !!!. SQL Server has capabilities of Machine Learning. In this article, we will discuss about the capabilities of Machine Learning in SQL Server.

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Linux Dedicated Server Hosting - Cloudminister

Cloudminister is a company that provides managed linux dedicated servers hosting in India. The Linux Dedicated servers allow you to fully manage all hosting solutions which directly improves the performance of your business. The servers we offer work with the best hardware and software and enhances network speed. This is the reason why people choose Cloudminister for Linux vps server. The company has a huge list of plans as per your business needs and you can choose any plan according to the requirement of your project.

Cloudminister Dedicated Linux Server hosting in India feature:

  • Enterprise SSD HDDs
  • DDR4 ECC RAM Blazing
  • fast performance
  • Free Control Panel

Complete Control of Dedicated Server Hosting:

  • WordPress Toolkit
  • Platform compatibility
  • Powerful servers
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy administration
  • Developer pack
  • Plesk mobile manager
  • Security

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