Is a Chromebook Good for Coding and Data Science?

Is a Chromebook Good for Coding and Data Science?

Although it is not full-fat Linux install underneath, the Linux core under Chrome OS means that professional Linux dev tools can be used on a Chromebook. The Linux command line is very familiar to developers that are working also on Linux or Mac machines and so a Chromebook feels very easy to use as a second machine.

In early 2020, Google was reporting over 40 million users in education, using Chromebooks. This is already a significant segment using these systems.

But Chromebooks seem to be off the radar for coding and data science. It would be a great shame for us all if some young people with tech talent don’t get started on programming or data science because it’s a little too hard on a Chromebook. In many cases a Chromebook is the only machine they have, and the machine that they can afford.

Is it really the case that Chromebooks are not so good for coding and data science, as a Mac or PC?

Or is this an illusion that needs correcting?

I think it is more an illusion than reality …

A Chromebook is a great little coding machine

I’ve been using a Chromebook as a secondary development machine since last year. It works very well.

I confess that my favourite tool is still the Ubuntu Linux machine, but my Chromebook and my Macbook Pro are equally good in second place, and the Windows laptop comes in third for me. Everyone has their own preferences of course.

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