How Does a Flow Switch Work? - Proteus Industries Inc.

How Does a Flow Switch Work? - Proteus Industries Inc.

Flow switches are mechanical gadgets used in controlling the flow of air, steam or liquid. Visit Proteus Industries Inc to know how does a flow switch work.

A flow switch is a mechanical device that can help you control the flow of liquid, steam, or air. The switch functions by convening a trip motion to the next machine in a system. That trip signal will show the pump to turn off or on if need be. With a flow switch, you can determine the flow rate of the liquid you are measuring. It's a good way to provide damage protection and circuit cooling since the flow switch can adjust the flow rate if it goes too low or too high.

How a flow switch work

Are you seeking to buy a flow switch? It will be important to understand the way it functions. A flow switch mainly has a paddle system (1). The paddle system consists of a stable magnet (2). It's found at the upper end of the paddle system. You will also find a reed contact located outside the flow above the permanent magnet (number 3). A second magnet has an opposite polarity, and it is applied to generate a reset force (4). Once the substance you are measuring comes into contact with the paddle system, it will be moved. The magnet (2) within your flow switch will change its location connected to the reed switch contact (number 3). That contact will open or close based on the contact type. When the flow is broken up, the paddle will go to its original position as the reed switch contacts open or close based on the contact type. You can always use the adjustments in contact to get the expected flow signal output.

Expectations vs. reality about flow watches

1st expectation

Maybe, you have always thought that a flow switch has a very complex design and is used for a single application.


Well, a flow switch is usually a unique electric device that has a simple design. Besides, it's of a small size. While it's simply designed, a flow switch plays a great role in varied applications. You can use it for the role of protecting your pump. Besides, when liquid, air, or gas flows via a specific line, it's important to monitor it. A flow switch can help you do all that.

2nd expectation

You may expect your flow switch always to give you accurate indications once you are done fixing it.


While it's true, your flow switch can give reliable results, but not always. Sometimes, it may display the wrong indication for you. But that is caused by various factors.

Here are some of the likely causes that may lead to a false activation of your flow switch

When your system has entrapped gases or air Turbulence within tubing A damaged mechanical sensor assembly Your monitored liquid appears too viscous. Failure to use fittings given by the manufacturer.

3rd expectation

Once you buy and fix your flow switch, you believe that it requires no maintenance.


It's vital to monitor your flow switch to ensure it is always function the way you expect. Sometimes, substances within the substance you are monitoring may affect the smooth working of the flow switch. That's why it is important to check regularly.


A flow switch is a vital device to buy if you handle liquid, gas, and air substances. It will help you to monitor the flow rate and regulate it to avoid damages resulting from too much flow or too little flow. After fixing your flow switch, ensure to monitor frequently to make sure everything is functioning well. You can always expect accurate indications from a flow switch. But several factors may lead to the wrong indication. That calls for a close check.


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