Fetching Secrets From Key Vault In .NET Console App

Fetching Secrets From Key Vault In .NET Console App

Fetching the secrets stored in azure key vault in a .NET console application.

Azure key vault is used to store sensitive information such as connection string, passwords, API keys, etc.

For more information on Azure key vault click here.

Here in this blog, we will store a secret in key vault and try to access (Get) it through a .net core console project.


  1. Azure subscription.
  2. Basic understanding of C## and Azure key vault.

We cannot access the secret from Azure key vault directly! Then how can we access the secrets in our application?


Go to portal.azure.com and login to your account. Search for app registration services and click on New registration.

Fetching Secrets From Key Vault In .NET Console AppFetching Secrets From Key Vault In .NET Console App 

We will be able to see the Register an application tab opened, as shown in the image below. I have named it as TestApp and used the single tenant option.

Register the TestApp application.

Fetching Secrets From Key Vault In .NET Console App


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