Angular 9 Tutorial: How to Build Angular 9 CRUD Example

Angular 9 Tutorial: How to Build Angular 9 CRUD Example

A comprehensive step by step Angular 9 tutorial on learning to build a CRUD (create, read, update, delete) app for beginners. MEAN Stack application.

Angular 9 provides a base to build rich, client-side web applications with specialization in data-binding. Angular has a component architecture inspired by web components. Everything in Angular is a small component. This way, angular becomes more and more modular in which it is easy to handle in large enterprise-level applications. With Angular, you can even build native apps, single-page applications using its routing module.

Angular 9 Tutorial

Angular source code is written in  TypeScript. If you are a newbie to TypeScript, then check out the  TypeScript Example guide in this blog. TypeScript is a superset of Javascript.

Advantages of TypeScript

  1. TypeScript uses ES2015 or ES6 classes.
  2. TypeScript use Modules. So we can import or export any module.
  3. TypeScript has strong typing; that means if you define a type for a particular variable, then you can not assign the different types to that variable. It is a strongly typed language and not loosely coupled language.
  4. TypeScript has function signatures.
  5. We can write Javascript code in TypeScript file. So it is not necessary to used strong typed code. But in large web applications, strong typing is beneficial and saves lots of time.

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