Inspecting your GraphQL client in the browser

Inspecting your GraphQL client in the browser

The main use case of GraphiQL is to run queries against your server to explore the data available in the API. You can easily see if your client instance is configured correctly and if your sever is returning the data you expect.

No configuration needed The best part of having Graph_i_QL built into the dev tools is that queries are sent from your already configured Apollo Client instance, so you don’t have to manually pass in headers and other data or manually configure a Graph_i_QL page in your app. This makes it super easy to test different queries in your app and be confident that you’re using the correct setup.

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A Swift GraphQL client that lets you forget about GraphQL

A GraphQL client that lets you forget about GraphQL. It seems like the best way to learn how to use SwiftGraphQL is by understanding how it works behind the scenes.

Why you might want a GraphQL client

If you’ve heard about GraphQL, you’ve likely also heard about GraphQL clients such as Apollo Client or Relay. GraphQL is an API technology, so you can always access your API with a simple HTTP fetch. The structure inherent in GraphQL makes it possible for libraries like Apollo Client to implement the above properties to make your development experience more pleasant.

Altair GraphQL Client For Google Chrome Browser

In this video we will download and install Altair GrapgQL client in Google Chrome browser. Just search for Altair GraphQL and you will get it.

Batching Client GraphQL Queries

Modern apps are chatty—they require a lot of data, and thus make a lot of requests to underlying services to fulfill those needs. Layering GraphQL over your services solves this issue, since it encapsulates multiple requests into a single operation, avoiding the cost of multiple round trips. While GraphQL encourages this style of data fetching, […]

How to use GraphQL with Javascript – GraphQL.js tutorial

GraphQL is first and foremost. GraphQL.js is the definitive JavaScript GraphQL implementation, but most of us are using GraphQL to build backend APIs. For that to work, we need to serve GraphQL over HTTP.