Launching Flutter Multi Restaurant App — Food Ordering App

Launching Flutter Multi Restaurant App — Food Ordering App

Looking Flutter Multi Restaurant Application to start your own food delivery or hotel booking business then this application is for you.

Rstaurant Food ordering App

Are you planning to start your own multi restaurant business just like swiggy, Ubereats and Foodpanda then you are just one step behind, We are launching Flutter Multi Restaurant Mobile Application that allows you build your online food ordering business just in few setup and installation with the cross-platform and one codebase features.

So have a look of UI/UX and functionality of this app at

And check the documentation at

Why do we build on Flutter?

Flutter speed up the development process and its features and speed along with memory management blow our mind and we are sure it will blow your mind too.

Flutter allows building applications with a single codebase for cross-platform native applications. What you will get in this?

All the vendor management, inventory management, user management with a super admin dashboard allows you to run online food ordering business very smoothly.

Are you on to take a step closer to start your own food ordering app then stay tuned with us Ionic Firebase App or stay tuned with us on social media at

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