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AI Chatbot Integration Services on Various Social Media platforms

Healthy customer relations are an outcome of efficiently managed customer support channels. Leading enterprises now use chatbots on their websites and mobile apps to augment their customer service efforts. Today, industry leaders are proactively investing in chatbot development services to streamline routine customer interactions and improve customer relations, making them an ideal choice for CRM.

Early chatbot applications were limited in their scope. However, recent machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) advancements have increased their capabilities with new innovative features. A growing number of businesses now handle a significant volume of customer interactions by integrating chatbots into their CRM systems. This blog post explores the different ways in which the conversational features of chatbots can be enhanced.

**Adding human-like capabilities to chatbots

Adding human-like features to chatbots or giving them a human name may not be enough to effectively engage customers. They must maintain a conversation back-and-forth with the person on the other end. A popular journal, Computers in Human Behavior has suggested that chatbots with human features that lack interactivity disappoint users.

Although chatbots are enabling businesses to handle a variety of interactions, several mechanisms and techniques are available to enhance their capabilities. Leading consumer brands use NLP mechanisms to analyze customer interactions and provide inputs to decision-makers. NLP enabled chatbots can assess the intent of input from users and create human-like responses with contextual analysis.
Royal Bank of Scotland uses NLP in their chatbots to enhance customer experience through text analysis. They interpret customer feedback gathered from surveys, call center discussions, complaints, and emails. It enables them to improve their services by identifying the root cause of customer dissatisfaction.
The importance of NLP for a chatbot application is in addressing customer concerns in real-time. A chatbot uses NLP to communicate with customers like human customer service agents. An effective chatbot can respond to customer queries accurately. It identifies the relevant information in the conversation to automate and accelerate customer service processes.

**Chatbots as Reliable Customer Assistants

Eugenia Kuyda, co-founder and CEO at Luka, created a chatbot named Replika. She wanted it to stand out among the voice assistants and home robots that had begun to take root in peoples’ lives. AI chatbots are now capable of scheduling an appointment or sharing updates about weather forecast simply by sending a voice note. It uses neural networks to hold an ongoing conversation and gradually learn how to speak like a human being. More than 2 million people have downloaded the Replika app. Many individuals discovered something like friendship, a digital companion with whom to lament failures, celebrate victories, and trade weird internet memes.
The information collected daily when combined with previous data improves the work process of conversational AI. The system becomes smarter with new chunks of information as they are programmed to work in specific ways. It analyzes relevant keywords based on communication and natural language processing to learn about users’ interests and preferences. It enables Chatbots to provide a personalized customer experience.
With the developments still on, conversational AI is adding new skills to redefine user experience by solving the challenges. Further, it improves customer satisfaction and the company’s growth simultaneously.
Future of conversational AI chatbots
A survey was conducted by Usabilla to figure out peoples’ preferences about chatbots. 54 percent of the respondents preferred chatbots over human customer care representatives, even if it saves ten minutes of their time.
Businesses identify the need for a system that provides more human-like responses, if not completely human. Chatbots are not here to replace human agents but to improve their work quality. Using NLP and sentiment analysis chatbots can infer customer’s tone from any text document.
Soon, it will be possible to understand higher-level interactions like emotions or sarcasm.
AI-powered chatbots have made a significant impact on businesses since their advent. Researchers are rigorously training them to effectively handle customer queries and improve customer satisfaction level.

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AI Chatbot Integration Services on Various Social Media platforms
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Erwin Boyer


How This AI-Enabled Chatbot Radically Transformed Cancer Care Amid Pandemic

The critical industry that has been massively impacted by the pandemic is the healthcare sector; however, AI’s involvement has helped the industry weather the pandemic storm. The AI applications by companies bring back patients’ lives from the edge and improve diagnostics and treatment and help healthcare providers make informed decisions quickly. One such application has been developed by Hospido, India’s first holistic cancer care platform with which cancer patients can get the right treatment advice from India’s best cancer doctors, without visiting hospitals amid pandemic.

The pandemic lockdown has forced many people, including cancer patients, to avoid hospitals and discontinue their treatment due to coronavirus risk. And this is what triggered Karan Chopra, the founder of Hospido to bring out quality healthcare to these cancer patients through telemedicine and satellite treatments centres for providing the right treatment at the right time. In this article, Analytics India Magazine, got in touch with him to understand how this startup revolutionised cancer carer amid pandemic.

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Stratus: One of the best social media posting tools for efficient social media management

Efficient social media management could mean you getting the desired online recognition and leads for your business (if that was your intend to stay active on social media). Unfortunately, the common practice of social media management requires you to switch between multiple accounts of yours. This requires significant time and effort on your part. Stratus addresses this problem by bringing all of the social media channels on a single platform. You can access and manage your social media accounts in a single place while saving your time and effort. The user-friendly interface and advanced features integrated into the Stratus platform make it one of the best social media posting tools. To learn more or to sign up on Stratus, visit https://stratus.co/

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Erwin Boyer


AI Chatbots for Business: Why You Need One Now!

It’s said that Artificial Intelligence will be just as smart as humans by 2050. Experts like Ray Kurzweil have even predicted that we’ll achieve a technological singularity by 2045.

From that point on, it’s believed that AI will start inventing Nobel Prize-winning inventions every 5 minutes. Granted it’s gonna be out of our control, but hey, at least we’ll see a revolutionary breakthrough.

We may think that these claims are outlandish and ridiculous, but if someone were to tell me in the 70s that there will be self-driving cars in the future, I would’ve wanted to smoke whatever they were smoking.

But guess what, here we are in 2020, and Tesla already has their self-driving cars on the roads right now. And these were all recently developed technologies. Did you know that the first chatbot was actually launched in 1966?

Features of AI Chatbots

Why Do You Need an AI Chatbot?

Chatbots Across Various Industries

Wrapping Up

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Top 5 Social Media App Development Strategies 2020 - Mobiweb

Creating a social media app is not an easy task but with great ideas, experience and a proficient team of social media makers can make the project successful. A social media app development company will help an entrepreneur to reach his business goals and bring in true and loyal users.

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Digital Marketing Gorillas is a social media marketing agency in Chicago, offers SMO social media optimization services such as Facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing, YouTube marketing, Instagram marketing, etc. For detailed information regarding social media marketing services packages, call us now at 630-408-0434

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