Top 15 Exciting Cloud Computing Projects on GitHub For Beginners [2021]

Top 15 Exciting Cloud Computing Projects on GitHub For Beginners [2021]

Top 15 Exciting Cloud Computing Projects on GitHub For Beginners [2021] In this article we will talk about some of the top cloud computing projects on GitHub which will help you build your technical skills. Cloud Computing Projects on GitHub.

Cloud computing allows you to store, manage, and process data using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet. It offers an affordable, efficient, secure, mobile, and scalable solution over the use of local servers and personal computers. There is a newfound interest in this technology around the world among software engineers, developers, researchers, and students. 

This article compiles some of the top  cloud computing projects on GitHub to help you build your technical skills.

Cloud Computing Features

According to the tech advisory firm, Gartner, cloud computing achieves outcomes with the aid of five key attributes, namely:

  • Service-based
  • Shared
  • Elastic and scalable 
  • Metrics tracking
  • Internet technologies

Why Cloud Computing Projects

The scope of growth of pursuing  cloud computing careers is likely to expand in the coming years. As more and more organizations transition to cloud infrastructure for their operations, the demand for IT professionals with specialization in the field will also increase. And considering the lack of cloud computing experts in the market today, the salary levels are expected to be high. A report by Great Learning estimates that India will add more than a million jobs in cloud computing by 2022. 

Cloud Computing Projects on GitHub

1. Docker Curriculum

2. SMART Platform

3. Orleans

4. OpenShift Origin

5. Pulumi

6. Reflow

7. Friend OS

8. Cloudsuite

9. HermitCore

10. Cloudskew

11. Dispy


13. Crossplane

14. Service Fabric

15. Nucleus

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