Logging in Spring Boot with SLF4J

Logging in Spring Boot with SLF4J

In this tutorial, we'll learn Logging in Spring Boot with SLF4J.


Server logs are an important part of development, that record the activities or events that the system is performing at any given point in time.

Spring Boot makes use of Apache Commons' Logging for its system logs by default. Additionally, by default you can use any of the logging frameworks under the SLF4J API such as Logback (which is the default), Log4J2, and Java Util Logging in Spring Boot.

Application logging is a powerful development tool that is important for production-level support and debugging. Each log entry contains information such as the timestamp, the actual method being called, a custom log message, and other contextual information. Each log entry also includes an identifier called a logging level.

In this tutorial, we'll take a look at how to perform Logging in Spring Boot, using SLF4J, as well as log levels and the configuration required to customize them, and log groups.

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