Occupy the leading position in the global marketplace with Rappi clone app

Occupy the leading position in the global marketplace with Rappi clone app

Offer various delivery services online with our Rappi clone script. The clone script is 100% customizable as per your business needs at reasonable prices. Schedule a live demo and get started right away!

Excite your customers by providing on-demand services ranging from food delivery to gas/fuel delivery services. If you are keen to launch an all-in-one on-demand delivery service, we have got you a ready-made application.

At Appdupe, we build Rappi like app, that have unique features that help to outsmart your business competitors. Along with stunning inbuilt features, we provide paid add-ons according to your business needs.

Here’s a quick overview of the app’s functionality Users will login to the app, and search for the services they need. Once they find a suitable service provider, users will make the request. The admin will check the availability of the service provider, and will confirm users’ requests. Also, the admin will map the service to the delivery person, and send the tracking ID to users. The delivery will take the order, and reach customers’ place using an in-app GPS.

Our solution kit deploys the following benefits, Our Rappi like app development is a customizable product. You can add/remove any of the features to match your budget, and business requirements. We provide solutions that are white-labeled, so that you can rebrand with your company name, and logo. As technology keeps evolving, businesses should adapt to changes. To meet the needs of business expansion, we provide options for scaling up. The app supports almost every language, and also multiple currencies to help your business cope with global customers. The app is integrated with Chatbots to help customers to resolve their queries instantly. Also, we will help you to launch the app in Google play store, and iOS play store.

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