Things I Wish I Knew About… JavaScript Functions

Things I Wish I Knew About… JavaScript Functions

Things I wish I knew about… JavaScript Functions. There were some things about JavaScript functions that I really didn’t get to start with. I thing find for using async functions in short scripts is to declare an anonymous async function of JavaScript immediately invoke it. Wish I’d known these when I started with JavaScript!

Especially coming from a C/Python/Elixir background, there were some things about JavaScript functions that I really didn’t get to start with. I thought I’d write them down in the hope they’ll help someone else on their journey.

I should note this is probably part one — there’s bound to be more things I learn about JavaScript functions as I keep using the language.

When one is async, all are async

I didn’t really understand how JavaScript does async when I started using it, so I spent quite some time trying to work out how a function could get a result from an asynchronous call and return it without the function caller having to be async itself.

If you’re aiming for the same thing, I’ll save you the bother — you can’t do it. I initially had high hopes for something like the construction below.

async function iAmAsync(num) {
  return num * 2;

function iUseThen(num) {
  return iAmAsync(num).then(res => res + 1);

console.log("iUseThen(3) =>", iUseThen(3));

What I didn’t realise was that iAmAsync(3).then(...) will implicitly return a Promise, meaning the whole of iUseThen will return a Promise.

iUseThen(3) => Promise { <pending> }

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