Life-Changing Tips For Productive Interaction With Ukrainian Developers

Life-Changing Tips For Productive Interaction With Ukrainian Developers

As a founder with a developer background, I was frequently asked for recommendations of outsourced tech teams. A long time ago I co-founded a Ukrainian software house, before handing business to my partner in 2016.

As a founder with a developer background, I was frequently asked for recommendations of outsourced tech teams. A long time ago I co-founded a Ukrainian software house, before handing business to my partner in 2016.

When outsourcing IT was on the peak of its popularity I decided to start matching companies with tech talent at Trustshoring. For this, I had to start growing my network and vetting developers for work with tech startups remotely.

As I was mainly focused on developers in Eastern Europe, particularly Poland and Ukraine, I had to learn a lot on finding developers, pre-vetting them, and working on projects with outsourced teams. 

Working with developers from Ukraine feels so different if you come from the States of Western Europe! Being German myself, I had to learn this from the ground up as well.

In this article, I want to share with you my key learnings so that you can avoid many pitfalls of hiring Ukrainian developers for your startup.

Finding hidden talent

When choosing to work with Ukrainian developers one can turn to online marketplaces such as Toptal or Upwork. I have learnt that some developers – both freelancers and agencies – that do a top-quality job are usually not on talent marketplaces and have no time to create proposals for potential clients.

Take into account how big the outsourcing business is – only in the U.S. the market is predicted to grow by 7,7% each year within the period of 2020-2027.

Tech agencies offering outsourcing services inject big budgets into growing their marketing trying to increase the sales.

Unfortunately, outsourcing companies you will find in top results on Google won’t necessarily do the best job with product development as they do with sales automation.

On the contrary, I have noticed local communities harbour tech talent that always has plenty of clients and launch successful projects, also they prefer to stay small and keep great relationships with clients (often managed by a founder). This leaves no time for growth marketing

Companies whose main focus is to be prominent and scale, often don’t deliver well.

Lesson learnt – the best tech talent is hidden in local communities.

Perfect communication

Though reserved in the beginning, Ukrainian developers tend to keep excellent remote communication in English using online communication and webinar software. I believe that top tech teams should be well-versed with necessary project management tools or modern communication stack, like Zoom, Slack, Telegram, or others.

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