Tech Education in Paradise: Meet The Institute of Code

Tech Education in Paradise: Meet The Institute of Code

Discover how a one-of-a-kind coding school, The Institute of Code, fosters learning modern static web development skills in exotic retreats.

It's a quiet summer afternoon in our beautiful Québec City hometown. My colleagues are coding and answering support tickets. I'm skimming through Snipcart's social media a bit. A few minutes in and a FB message catches my attention:

Hey Snipcart, we're a code school that is bucking the trend and teaching only static site development (+ Jekyll & CloudCannon for easy client editing) and on our last coding retreat one of our students discovered you and during the 10 days coding retreat built her entire startup website w/ e-commerce functionality using Snipcart -- could be a great story for your blog.

Nodding, I think to myself: "Indeed, this could be a cool fit." We've been promoting Jekyll and many other static site generators for a while on this blog. Times and times again, we've repeated that modern static web development could foster e-commerce success. So, intrigued by this mysterious code school retreat, I ask for more info.

Then, my friends, I discover one freaking epic coding school: [The Institute of Code](

) (IOC).

In a nutshell, the IOC organizes all-inclusive coding retreats in exotic locations over the world. By bringing students into a crazy focused & healthy environment, they lower the learning curve and fast-track the development of actionable code skills.

Now, having recently confessed to being a code noob and being a remote-working fan myself, I had no choice to get to know these guys better. So I did. The result is the interview you're about to read. I sincerely hope you enjoy it! :)

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