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Seamless Integration between Dynamics 365 CRM and Mailchimp

Integrate Mailchimp & Dynamics 365 CRM

Marketing4Dynamics is a productivity app providing integration between Dynamics 365 CRM and Mailchimp. It syncs Mailchimp and Dynamics 365 CRM customers along with their marketing statistics data ensuring easy and quick access to information without navigating from one application to another.

  • Sync Mailchimp Audiences, Members and Tags to CRM
  • Sync Contacts/Leads from CRM to Mailchimp
  • Sync Campaigns and Activities
  • Dashboard & Reporting

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Seamless Integration between Dynamics 365 CRM and Mailchimp

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Alerts4Dynamics - Alerts / Notifications Management in Dynamics 365 CRM

Alerts4Dynamics is productivity app for Dynamics 365 CRM that helps to create, schedule, manage and track alerts. It helps to notify and pass relevant information to target audience right within Dynamics 365 CRM. These notifications can be created and displayed indefinitely or for a defined scheduled period. Notification button is available on all entities and can be accessed from anywhere in the CRM.
• Create Announcement and Rule Based/Record Based alerts.
• Alerts can be sent as Pop-ups, Form Notifications or Email to target Dynamics 365 CRM users.
• Categorize alerts as Information, Warning or Critical.
• Track log of read/dismissed alerts by users.
• Define process start date from when the notifications will start getting created and process end date when creation of new notifications will stop. Also, add the display end date for notification.

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InoLink - Integration Between QuickBooks and Dynamics 365 CRM

InoLink is a cloud based integration tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Maintaining accounting details in QuickBooks and Dynamics 365/CRM separately can lead to data duplication. InoLink provides seamless Dynamics 365/CRM and QuickBooks integration. It allows users to avoid data inconsistency in both systems. InoLink enables Dynamics 365/CRM users to stay updated and make informed decisions by providing them complete Customer Accounting Information right within Dynamics 365/CRM.

Features of InoLink:
• Avoid data duplication and inconsistency in QuickBooks and Dynamics CRM
• Safe accounting fields by Field Level Security in CRM
• Seamless integration within native CRM entities and forms

Available for:
Dynamics CRM: 2013 and above, Dynamics 365
Deployment: On-Premises, Partner-Hosted, and Online
Intuit QuickBooks: Professional, Enterprise, Online
Deployment: On-Premises / Desktop

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Click2Undo - 1 Click App to restore Dynamics 365 CRM data to its last known state

Undo changes & restore records in Dynamics 365 CRM with a single click

Click2Undo is a productivity app that helps you to undo changes in the data in Dynamics 365 CRM with a single click. Be it the last change that you’d want to restore, or the changes that were done in the past which you would like to get back, Click2Undo can do it without any hassle. This provides a safety net within which users can conduct day-to-day activities without fear of losing data due to human or technical errors.
Click2Undo is available for Dynamics CRM 8.2 and above, Dataverse (Power Apps). It supports deployment models - On-Premises and Online.
• Entity Support: Click2Undo provides support to all OOB as well as Custom Entities
• Undo Last Changes: Ability to restore the last changes done to a Dynamics 365 CRM record by clicking the Click2Undo button
• Undo Past Changes: Ability to undo past changes made to multiple fields on Dynamics 365 CRM records in one go using History button
• Undo Bulk Changes: Ability to undo changes on multiple records at one go.

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Auto Tax Calculator - Efficient & Effortless Automatic Tax Calculations

Auto Tax Calculator enables users to calculate tax automatically within Dynamics 365 for Sales. With this productivity app, there is no further need to calculate tax manually which increases accuracy and efficiency of users. Your taxes can be applied correctly the first time in order thereby, saving your time and effort during tax season.
Auto Tax Calculator is available for Dynamics 365 8.2 & above and Power Apps. It supports Dynamics 365 On-Premises & Online.
• Automatic Tax Calculation: Calculate tax automatically for OOB entities – Opportunity, Quote, Order and Invoice
• Tax Schedules & Details: Create specific Tax Schedules and Tax Details to calculate taxes automatically
• AvaTax Integration: Seamless integration with AvaTax from Avalara
• Geolocational Tax Calculation: Calculate taxes as per the rules and regulations stated for specific geographical locations using AvaTax

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Dynamics 365 CRM Maps | Bing Maps and Dynamics 365 CRM Integration

Dynamics 365 CRM map

Maplytics™ is now one of the first map visualization app to be certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD), which indicates that the solution has met Microsoft Corp.’s highest standard for partner-developed software. Maplytics is geospatial mapping app that seamlessly integrates Bing Maps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to visualize Dynamics CRM/365 data on a map and improve business processes and engage right customers at the right time. It supports Dataverse/PowerApps for Citizen Developers to Map Dynamics CRM data.

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