An elegant angular architecture

An elegant angular architecture

After several years’ design and development of various full-stack applications from scratch, I notice how important it is to build a good…

After several years’ design and development of various full-stack applications from scratch, I notice how important it is to build a good architecture for angular applications from the beginning. Good architecture can save us from heavy refactoring when the applications become large and complicated, as we all know that product owners will never stop adding new features in the backlogs :). Therefore, I would like to share this elegant Angular (V2+) architecture to help new developers avoid detours. On the other hand, this architecture works well for big-growing projects as well as for hackathons where a great number of angular developers can work together and produce expected results at the end of the day.

Now, you may ask me, what is an “elegant” architecture?

Here are my criteria:

· A clear and clean structure that allows a new teammate to get involved in our projects more quickly

· Excellent extensibility allowing us to add new features without touching the skeleton

· Good performance without a long loader making users impatient

· Reasonable building time and a small bundle size

· Including a mocking and testing mechanism

· Completed building scripts for all environments

Let’s start with a global overview:

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