Hire dedicated full-stack React native developers for custom React native application

Hire dedicated full-stack React native developers for custom React native application

The brilliant technology some of the most innovative apps like UberEars, Instagram, Airbnb is something you must have heard about. Well, React Native is the one which is the technology behind it. It has been chosen by some of the most trusted and...

The brilliant technology some of the most innovative apps like UberEars, Instagram, Airbnb is something you must have heard about. Well, React Native is the one which is the technology behind it. It has been chosen by some of the most trusted and popular brands all over the world for their mobile app development. Now, every React Native app development company providing their services to React Native development to a plethora of clients, thanks to the humungous popularity of this technology.

Hence, if you are thinking to go ahead with React Native app development, there exist few aspects to consider. For the purpose of your next mobile app development project, as well as choosing React Native development, you must know the need to hire React Native developer and how to successfully and effectively do it. However, hiring such developers for the purpose of custom React Native app development is quite a difficult job. But, let’s have a brief discussion on this highly-advanced technology.

React Native

To be clear and concise, it is essentially a JavaScript-based framework which was actually created by the social media giant, Facebook. It provides a mobile app development company with the ability to develop native apps in JavaScript. The company came up with this framework as Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, accepted that relying too much in case of mobile app development on the HTML was a mistake. They developed this framework for their app’s UI and then even went further to make it open source.

React Native applications have a modular architecture and are much more stable. It essentially allows the developer with improved coding and offers pre-loaded elements. Also, it is well-suited for the purpose of cross-platform development since it offers stability as well as budget-friendly solutions that have much better as well as optimal performance.

How to Hire Dedicated Fullstack React Native Developer

In order to hire a dedicated full-stack react native developer, you should check the following aspects and qualities in the candidate. Some of them are:

1. Comprehensive Knowledge of JavaScript with Relevant Expertise

Being an evident fact that JavaScript is the soul of React Native, it is essentially the language this technology is based on. So, React Native app developers need to have quite a comprehensive knowledge of JavaScript and relevant expertise in JavaScript in order to develop and build different components as well as an entire application. Ask questions concerning technical aspects of JavaScript, and it will help you gauge the capabilities of the developers, especially whether they are well-versed with this language or not.

2. Specific Experience in Native iOS and Android Development

Of course, there are situations where the react native developer has to work with different native tools. Hence, if he or she is familiar and in the best-case scenario, experience with native iOS and Android development, then it will certainly an additional benefit. So, hire React Native developer who actually has been involved in these developments in his or her previous projects. He should also have experience in Microsoft application development.

3. Backend Skills Expertise

In case you want to custom code the complete mobile app backend, you have to finalize a certain backend programming language at the start. This will offer you with clarity of the entire process of how to hire React Native developers. Think, you want to develop the mobile app backend using Python. So, the developer has to be knowledgeable in core Python language as well as any of its popular frameworks like Django along with development/customization of RESTful APIs, and finally, object-relational mappers (ORM) and the database with frontend skills like CSS or even HTML.

4. Impressive Debugging Skills

For every development process, there is an associated mandatory process of detection along with fixing of bugs and errors in the code. Hence, ensure that the React Native developer you hire has the inherent capability of resolving these issues.

5. Seamless Communication Skills

For a React Native developer, it is essential to have strong communication skills. A mobile app development company should go with the developer who is well-versed with the technology as well as has impressive and seamless communication skills. A developer who has impressive amazing skills easily adds more value to the mobile app development project. Also, it assists in communicating the project progress with the clients and regularly informing them about the different project development aspects.


Mobile apps have certainly become an essential and integral part of people’s daily lives. Hence, it has increased the demand for these apps, and mobile app development services look for frameworks that assist in the development of robust mobile apps. Pertaining to this, React Native has emerged as the best framework for not only iOS but also Android app development. React Native app development has grown proportionally higher than any other framework based development due to easier access to plugins and libraries which assist in entirely soothing and streamlining the entire mobile app development phase. However, to achieve this, a company needs to hire React Native developers who have the above-mentioned qualities and skills.

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