How to start a pet store

How to start a pet store

Learn How To Become an Online Teacher | Teach Online 24/7/365

Learn How To Become an Online Teacher | Teach Online 24/7/365

Is online education growing? No. It is exploding. Take up this opportunity to become a globally successful online teacher. It requires self-discipline, managing an online class, and preparing the student before the start of the lesson. Make this learning yours, at just $9!


A survey conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group regarding online learning showed that the number of students enrolled in one or more online courses was nearly 7 million in 2011. This was more than a half million increase over 2010. At the college level, 32 percent of students are taking at least one online course.

As online education literally explodes, the issue facing the education system is that teaching online is not the same as teaching face to face. If you’re a teacher, be it home school, public school, Bible study teacher, or someone who teaches a special skill or subject, you know this.

The question for many people wishing to transition to teaching in a virtual classroom is a very simple one: How do I do an effective job of teaching online?

That’s the question this course is designed to answer. In this course, University of Phoenix Advanced Certified Online Instructor David Lantz walks you through the teaching strategies being used by the best online college instructors to teach in an asynchronous online course.

Lesson Materials

A total of 17 video lessons divided between 3 course modules constitute the core of the learning materials. These videos are recorded power point presentations converted to video designed to emphasize key learning objectives. Additionally, each module is accompanied by an ebook (PDF) designed to round out the video presentations. Each module is introduced and concluded by a video of the course creator, David Lantz.

A fourth module, Next Steps, concludes the course, and offers several other resources the student may wish to take advantage of.

Depending on the pace of the online learner, one should plan to spend about four hours going through the materials.

Course Organization

The course is divided into three modules. The first module, Creating a Culture of Self- Discipline Online, is designed to help you learn how to motivate your students to develop the self-discipline required to learn in the online environment. This module is, in turn subdivided into three parts.

Learning Modality and Student Motivation
Establishing Participation Expectations
Building an Online Community
The second module, Managing the Online Classroom, recognizes that online facilitation involves three basic areas of focus: organizational, social, and intellectual. The instructor, therefore, should see his or her role as being that as a facilitator of online learning, rather than simply the “Sage on the Stage.” This module is also subdivided into three parts.

Socratic Teaching: How to Teach by Asking Questions
It’s ALL About What you Say and How You Say It
Online Interaction: Best Practices
The third module, Preparing to Teach in the Flipped Classroom, examines the trend of having the student access the “lecture” via video/online instruction created by the instructor or another educator before coming to a face to face class. The role of the classroom teacher changes from Lecturer to Mentor. Rather than spending time teaching in class, the instructor uses learning-based activities. Doing this effectively requires the teacher to put a lot of effort into his/her course preparation up front. This module delivers the following three sessions:

Enabling Your Students to Learn 24/7/365
Creating Your On Demand Unidirectional Materials
Exploring an Asynchronous Learning Management Classroom
Why Take This Course

The explosion in online learning requires educators who know how to teach online. Key research findings about student learning in the online classroom underscore the importance of having instructors who can manage the online classroom to insure that students learn. Online facilitation involves three basic areas of focus: organizational, social, and intellectual. How to Teach in the Online Classroom 24/7/365 covers all three of these aspects of online instruction to prepare you to teach online.

About David Lantz

Hello, my name is David Lantz. I’ve been teaching online at the college level since 2004. I was voted Faculty of the Year by the first graduating class of the Indianapolis Campus of the University of Phoenix. In May of 2012, I was awarded that school’s Advanced Facilitator Certification. In addition to teaching online for University of Phoenix, I teach for 3 other schools on such subjects as statistics, economics, E-commerce, and public relations. Five years ago, I set about the process of showing others how to teach online. I worked with my first pilot group of 8 students over a four week period to demonstrate best practice techniques for online, asynchronous teaching. With Simpliv's powerful online course delivery system, I now have a way to take what we did in that prototype class and demonstrate the art of online instruction via video and downloadable text instruction.

Welcome to my course!

Who is the target audience?

Are you a teacher - be it home school, public school, Bible study teacher, or someone who teaches a special skill or subject who wants to learn how to teach online? This course is for you
Basic knowledge
Have internet access and the ability to play streaming audio and video. Additionally, download and print or store PDF files

What will you learn

My goal for you in taking this course is two-fold: Recognize what it takes to do an effective job of teaching online, and prepare yourself to enter a field where demand is expanding rapidly
To fulfill these goals, you will learn about the following three components of effective online instruction: Creating a culture of self-discipline so that your students are motivated to learn; Managing the online classroom to maximize student engagement and learning; Preparing to teach in the evolving online, "flipped," classroom

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Online Clothing Business Online

Online Clothing Business Online

How to start online clothing business online at your home and make it main stream business for long run.

How to build Clothing business Successful with the existing platform form home an make money online

Are you new to online marketing and/or planning to start your online business at your home then you are the right place? We have a question make in comment do you have any business idea that you want to start or do you have any business that you are running and want to expand online. 

Now let's start from scratch. We are assuming that you don't have any business running. 

Here we explain how to build an online business for clothing and accessories business online with the existing platform and social media then how you build your own brand with very own Mobile and web app.

So, Let's start. Just open your Laptop/system or your Mobile. Here I am explaining how to build clothing or dress business. 

First, we have to find what we have to sell. So let's find the products that we are going to sell without running around.

If you have a Laptop or System: If you have a system then go to

Hit registration and signup your details and now go to

Find the best clothes that you are selling on the market for references you can check Amazon categories section and filter through most selling product under the clothing categories.

Then you will get an idea of what people are looking and what is most selling products and make a list of that. Now you go to Alibaba and search that product, and you order some products. 

Second: Open your Facebook account and starting finding clothing manufacture.

Third: open Google and type Clothing manufacturer near me and collect your manufacture contact number and try contact then via call or mail.

Now we got a list of our product that we want to sell. Now Let's find a free platform where we can sell our product without using having own transport.

First and most famous is Amazon: 

Why Amazon? 

Amazon sells more than 12 million products. And he has millions of users that are currently active and buying goods on Amazon.

Just open the Amazon Merchant center and signup with your details. To make signup go to or if you are from India then hit just like that based on your location you can choose seller account with Amazon and start setting up with your details while providing your all details

Choose your location where you want to sell. Here Once you click on Sell in the US, then it will ask you to sign with your Amazon account if you don't have then click on the Create a New Amazon account and create your Amazon new account with Amazon and become a seller.

If you find any difficulties, then you may directly contact Amazon support at or make in a comment, and we'll help you out. Or you can call on Amazon Seller Support Number 1800-419-7355(8 AM to 8 PM) only for India

Once you sign up with your Amazon seller account and we are ready to go. Now we have a product to sell and platform where we are going to sell. 

Now first choose your cloth from Alibaba and make an order of min quantity and put once you received your product then now same product list on your Amazon Seller account while keeping your margin. 

For Example, suppose you order your products Women Jacket form Alibaba then it will cost 7 dollars, and now you check the price of Women jacket on Amazon for Example


Here you will see the one jacket cost will be $42.99 then you can put your product on $30. Now just like that, make money and start saving it. 

Once you start getting sell and revenue now next steps how to build your very own brand.

Now the same name that you build on Amazon. Start making your account all social media platforms.

Facebook: You can open your Facebook and create your brand page. To create your brand or business page. Just go to and create your first page you will get several options, but choose your categories. Here we suggest you select Brand or Product. Now enter you all details.


For more details, you can check out

Once you created, then start sharing your page with your friends and groups. And keep posting your Amazon seller account product to your Facebook Page. 

After start getting enganment and like on Facebook page you can create one Group with the same name and start adding your users that liked your page or engaed on your Facebook page on Group and keep communicating with them, It will increase huge audience engagement.

Instagram: Instagram is most growing users then create your account on Instagram to do open and create with all details. Once you are done with account creation, then start posting your product image with a nice caption and start putting your Amazon product description. Once you have 10-20 post on Instagram, then you can begin contributing to Instagram community means follow designer Instagram influencer and make some valuable comments and tag your account in the comment section to get noticed. Try to keep add trading hashtags in your post.

Twitter: Now make a Twitter account. Just go to and sign up with your details and start putting your Amazon product link on that with the hashtag.

YouTube: It is one of the most important media to communicate with your max visitors or customers. You create your YouTube channel. To do that you just have to open and hit on sign-in button then sign in with your Gmail account and you are ready to go. 

For full article you can visit our official website blogs content at

How To Start Your Own Online Poker Gaming Business in 2020-21

How To Start Your Own Online Poker Gaming Business in 2020-21

Planning to start a gambling or online poker platform? This guide to starting your own online Poker Gaming business in 2020-21.

If you’re willing to invest your time and money in iGaming, it takes an exclusive and irresistible website to gain success. All over the world more and more people are going online and starting their own businesses, if you want to successfully run an online gaming business, here are a number of things that you have to consider in order to get your business up and expand.