OpenCV-Python: Reading and Writing Images and Videos

OpenCV-Python: Reading and Writing Images and Videos

Step-by-step guide to capture live stream with camera.In addition, this tutorial will cover saving a frame as an image as well as saving it as a video in your machine. We are going to use the built-in VideoCapture and VideoWriter classes that comes with OpenCV.

By reading this piece, you will learn to capture a video using the built-in webcam in your laptop. If you are using a personal computer, make sure that you have it connected with an external webcam.

In addition, this tutorial will cover saving a frame as an image as well as saving it as a video in your machine. We are going to use the built-in VideoCapture and VideoWriter classes that comes with OpenCV.

There are 3 sections in this piece:

  1. Setup
  2. Implementation
  3. Conclusion

Let’s proceed to the next section and start installing the necessary modules

1. Setup

It is highly recommended to create a virtual environment before you continue with the installation. Once you are done with it, run the following command

pip install opencv-python

You can check if you have installed it correctly via

pip show opencv-python

Let’s move to the next section for the implementation.

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