Vue Composition API Tutorial: Build a Project Idea Generator

Vue Composition API Tutorial: Build a Project Idea Generator

Learn how to use the Vue 3 Composition API to build a project idea generator. The tutorial will cover: Calling an Express API with Vue 3, Using the Composition API in Vue 3, Advanced JavaScript array filtering, Using filters in Vue 3

A common issue that new developers run into is figuring out where to begin. You do tutorial after tutorial to learn a new concept, but once you complete a tutorial, you're left wondering, " what"?

In this tutorial, you'll build a project idea generator (inspired by this tweet). You'll be able to use the final application to select the skills you want to work on and be given project idea suggestions based on those selections.

The primary purpose of this tutorial is to learn how to use the Vue 3 Composition API, but the project generator will be a fun side effect.

The tutorial will cover:

  • Calling an Express API with Vue 3
  • Using the Composition API in Vue 3
  • Advanced JavaScript array filtering
  • Using filters in Vue 3

I'll assume you have some basic Vue 2 knowledge but are new to Vue 3.

You can find the final project in this GitHub repository.

🚀 Let's get started!

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