How to Organize Your Data Science Project in 2021

How to Organize Your Data Science Project in 2021

Learn how to organize your data science project in 2021. Github Project Directory. Once you’ve solved the problem of interest, you then have to create a project repository on GitHub and upload project files such as datasets. Creating a GitHub repository for any data science project is extremely important.

Maintaining proper organization of all your data science projects will increase your productivity, minimize errors, and increase your development efficiency. This tutorial will guide you through a framework on how to keep everything in order on your local machine and in the cloud.

It's always good idea to maintain two versions of your project, one locally and the other on Github.

This article will discuss some useful tips that will enable you to better organize your data science projects. Before delving into some tips for data science project management, let’s first discuss why it is important to organize your project.

4 Reasons why it is important to organize your project

  1. Organization increases productivity. If a project is well organized, with everything placed in one directory, it makes it easier to avoid wasting time searching for project files such as datasets, codes, output files, and so on.
  2. A well-organized project helps you to keep and maintain a record of your ongoing and completed data science projects.
  3. Completed data science projects could be used for building future models. If you have to solve a similar problem in the future, you can use the same code with slight modifications.
  4. A well-organized project can easily be understood by other data science professionals when shared on platforms such as Github.

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