How to get multiple PST files from a single PST file?

How to get multiple PST files from a single PST file?

MailVita Split PST tool for Mac split or divide large PST files of Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 into smaller PST. Best solution for splitting large PST file into multiple smaller parts.

You can get multiple Outlook PST files from a single Outlook PST file by using some manual ways which contain a lot of effort of the users or by using this amazing Mailvita Split Outlook application. This app is a professionally tested tool that provides the splitting of the outlook PST files effortlessly and efficiently. Any user does not need to install any other third-party app to go through the splitting of the PST files using this application.


With this Split, PST application one can split their Outlook PST files reliably without any kind of support to the technical authority. No hurdle is faced by the users while splitting their PST files. The compatibility of the app is amazing thus users can use this app in any version of the Mac or Windows Operating System. With proper previewing of the PST files, the splitting is done so that a healthy result is provided to the users by the app. It is a convenient app that a user can use. In just a few steps an accurate result is provided by the application. Apart from it, users can save the split files in a new folder or can save the files in an existing folder. The application is amazing and provides the result in just a few minutes.

What are the steps to split the files?

The steps that a user must go through for the splitting of their Outlook PST files using this amazing tool are discussed below. Let us read these steps thoroughly:

Step 1- Firstly install the Split Outlook tool in your Windows or Mac Operating system Step 2- Start the app Step 3- Add the Outlook PST files that you want to split into Step 4- Now enter the size at which you want to get the desired PST file Step 5- Choose the destination for saving the Split Outlook file Step 6- At last, hit the split now button

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Any user can easily go through with above-provided steps without facing any kind of obligations. Moreover, users also do not need any technical assistance in going through these steps. Step-by-step screenshots are also provided for the convenience of the users.

Why we should use this application for splitting the files?

The reason behind that one should use an application for the splitting of the Outlook PST files are:

• Any size splitting of the files • Provides the result with full accuracy • Gives a convenient splitting of the PST files • Can be used by any user • Performs a fast splitting of the PST file • Installation of MS Outlook is not mandatory • Is suitable for both Windows and Mac OS • Retains the structure of the files

Users also try some manual ways of splitting the Outlook PST files but one should note that there are several demerits of trying the manual ways for the splitting. These demerits are:

• Not provides an accurate result • More chances of data corruption • Is a complex method to go through • Not a user-friendly platform • Can’t perform splitting of many files altogether • The structure of the files is not in a manageable form

What are the features of this amazing app?

The key features of this amazing Split Outlook application are provided below:

• Split files by size: - Users have to write the size of the Outlook PST file at which they want it to be divided. From small to big size Outlook PST files can be split by this amazing application without facing any obligations.

• Gives an accurate result: - An accurate result is provided to the users by the application every single time. The data is kept retained by the tool using this amazing app. The instant result is provided by the tool. The integrity of the files is kept as it is by the tool.

• Lightweight app: - This Split Outlook application is a lightweight app thus users can download this app easily on their system, as the app does not take much space in your Operating system. Moreover, this app is also an independent application thus there is no need to install any third-party app to split the PST file. Direct splitting of the PST files is done by the app.

Final Words

Install the free demo version of the application and split a few of the Outlook PST files in order to get a piece of outline information about the application. Using it you will know more about the application. If you feel contented and want to split an unlimited amount of Outlook PST files then you have to buy the licensed version of the application.

One must firstly check out the demo version of the application and then buy the licensed version of the tool. Apart from it, if any kind of obligations is faced by the users then they can freely contact the app’s customer service which is available for the period of 24*7 hrs.

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