Why Should Healthcare Providers Invest in Intelligent Automation?

Why Should Healthcare Providers Invest in Intelligent Automation?

Though Healthcare providers are contemplating whether to use Intelligent automation, this discipline which is based on artificial intelligence, automation by robots can prove handy.

Intelligence Automation (IA) is the portmanteau of artificial intelligence and automation. By leveraging this, organizations can arrive at unparalleled levels of efficiency, excellence, and empower rapid end-to-end automation processes. PWC claims that this technology is ushering in the fourth industrial revolution or the second machine age by disrupting and creating new business models. Initially, it was limited to the manufacturing process but now promises enormous untapped potential in the healthcare industry too. Over the last years, healthcare bodies have welcomed the digital transformation by adopting technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and many more. This change emerged since healthcare needs skilled frontline resources, especially during the COVID 19 crisis, and Intelligence Automation can help bridge the deficiency.

For instance, leveraging advanced capability within an Intelligent Automation solution, like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (iOCR), healthcare organizations are empowered with capability to eliminate the repetitive and time-consuming admin surrounding referrals, processing health claims, and logging test results. This frees employees to use their skills and provide better direct patient care, while digital workers process at machine speed and eliminate errors. An article published in CIO states that though intelligent automation began with the payers, it eventually dispersed to other sectors of healthcare, including suppliers and distributors. But the lowest level of penetration or automation investment remains with providers. A study highlighted that only 33 percent of healthcare providers are likely to invest in this field.

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