Using Jest Mocks + TypeScript the Right Way

Using Jest Mocks + TypeScript the Right Way

Write better unit tests

Write better unit tests

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Note: This article assumes a basic understanding of Jest and the React Testing Library. If you are not familiar with the general testing structure of React, I recommend starting with this series.

Mocking is a core tenet of unit-testing a React application. It is a key tool for following RTL’s best practice of not testing implementation details, as well as the fundamental idea of isolation in all unit testing.

The  Jest documentation covers an assortment of methods for mocking and several very helpful use cases. But what it’s missing is a basic overview of what you are doing when mocking something. I find this imperative to successfully applying the methods that they outline to your own application.

Alas, we have our topic for the day: How do you properly mock what you need for a production React application? We will discuss mocking on a philosophical level and walk through basic mocks of a local Config file as well as  Auth0’s React SDK.

I chose the Auth0 SDK because it has very specific use cases intended to be run in a browser and is also often central to what you want to test in your code. In other words, it is a perfect use case for something that needs mocking and needs to be mocked properly in order to test.

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