22 Flags Game Theory Puzzle In C#

22 Flags Game Theory Puzzle In C#

22 Flags Game Theory Puzzle In C#. In this blog, you will learn how to create an unbeaten flag removal program with C#.


There is a classic game theory puzzle named “22 Flags Game” (the total flags and winning condition might vary from case to case). Two contestants are trying to move 1-3 flags from the 22 flags in turn, and whoever removes the last flag will be consider as a loser.

Let list down the rule and try to think deductively to come out with a winning strategy. In other words, each player has to make sure his/her opponent is being left with the last flag.

What is the best strategy to win this game?

  1. Game start with 22 flags
  2. Each player have and can only remove 1 to 3 flags per turn
  3. Each player remove the flag alternately by turn
  4. Whoever removes the last flag will lose


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