Cloud Certs ^ 3 — Why Bother?

Cloud Certs ^ 3 — Why Bother?

Cloud Certs ^ 3 — Why Bother? I’m the poster child in some ways for why certs are meaningless. I passed in order: Azure Expert Architect (Exam 303, 304), Google Cloud Engineer, AWS Data Analytics Specialty. Advice on Clouds Certs from a Data Engineer.

Advice on Clouds Certs from a Data Engineer

Like many senior engineers/managers, I don’t feel I need certifications to prove myself nor pad my resume. I almost feel like it is below me at times to have to take an exam (don’t you?). But taking the exams and passing is a nice test to prove I’m not senile. What really encouraged me to be honest is a long break between projects (boredom?) and the big corporate budget to burn. Let me share the sacred learnings!

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