Top 5 Best Reporting Tools

Top 5 Best Reporting Tools

Pivot Table & Charts. Free desktop tool for creating insightful reports. Compose professional reports with a self-service analytics tool.

Business analytics is becoming more and more popular, but for many, it still seems rather a difficult task. There is probably no analytic manager or decision-maker who has never been terrified of the giant amounts of different kinds of data related to both inside processes of the company and information about customers.

Collecting data is one thing, it can be automated this or that way and stored in neverending grids for future purposes. But the difficulty arises when companies come to analyze it. A decision based on the insights from data analysis will have a great impact on the company's future. The qualitative and detailed report plays a crucial role in any organization in making business decisions. It is of their greatest interest of companies to make the data analytics process as qualitative as possible

And that is where business intelligence tools and data science are extremely needed. There are many to choose from, but everything depends on the needs and budget.

Top Best Reporting Tools

The visualization of data with advanced pivot tables, grids, graphs, charts undoubtedly helps to understand the value of every piece of information fast and easily. Here is the comprehensive list of best BI tools, reporting apps, and reporting software.

Microsoft Power BI

If to describe Microsoft Power BI in one sentence, then it is an analytical environment (a set of programs and online services) that makes it possible to easily connect to any information downloaded from different sources, combine and bring this information into a single standardized data model, calculate the necessary parameters and KPIs based on this combined data, building visual graphs, reports, and dashboards.

And all this is fully automated, auto-updateable, and available online for analysis from any device (PC, tablets, smartphones) in an interactive mode with the provision of individual access for viewing by different users.

Key features

  • Share reports among colleagues & users via Power BI Service
  • Query data using natural language questioning
  • Author rich interactive reports with Power BI Desktop
  • Connect, access and unify data across sources
  • View rich graphical visualizations from complex BI data
  • Explore up-to-date analytics from real-time BI data
  • Transform company data into rich visuals

Flexmonster Pivot table & Charts for Desktop

Simple in use yet very powerful tool for managing and visualizing the data. Flexmonster Pivot table & Charts for Desktop is a reporting tool for data analysis and visualization. It was created to cover the main needs of people who work with big amounts of data yet have no prior knowledge of coding, database usage or major analyst skills. With Flexmonster Desktop one can analyze and explore data with Excel-like features for interactive reporting. With this application you don’t need to be an analyst to look through data and get the insights.

Key features

  • Easily aggregate, group, filter, sort and drill through your data to get exactly what you need in a convenient form
  • Drag & drop rows and columns, use right-click context menus
  • Great pivot charts library so to visualize your data in a different way
  • 10 themes to customize report’s look
  • Flexmonster Desktop version is free with no limitations for personal use


Tableau is a system that allows you to conduct a deep and comprehensive analysis of information, and then present the result in an interactive form. Large amounts of data are collected from various sources and displayed in real-time on the dashboard. At the same time, it is a very flexible, fast, and easy-to-learn platform. The platform also allows several users to work on a report at the same time. You can share the result by link, mail, or through the Tableau server.

Key features

  • Users can create their own dashboard and analytics tools
  • The system works with all devices with data streams - no need to worry about hardware or software requirements
  • Information panels have access to data storages: SSAS Multi-Dimensional Cubes and DWH / DataWareHouse
  • Applications for creating dashboards can be created by business users themselves
  • Several users can work on a report at once


Qlik is a BI platform that features broad associative search and in-memory computation processing. It is a platform for advanced business analysis that allows you to create a single source of truth for making informed, accurate, and prompt management decisions.

This is an analytical software from the category of business intelligence that allows users who do not have special technical skills to independently generate reports and analyze information about the activities of their enterprise in a variety of aspects, regardless of which accounting systems of the enterprise have stored this information.

Key features

  • The unified analytics algorithm works in all versions
  • The products provide fast, interactive data visualization
  • The service can be used together with other team members, you can share any applications you create
  • Ready-made visualizations can be used for samples and studies

Seal Report

Seal Report offers a complete framework for generating daily reports from any database. The product focuses on easy installation and reports design: once configured, reports can be generated and published in a minute. The Seal Report is open source for Microsoft.

Key features

  • Dynamic SQL Sources: Either use your SQL or let the Seal engine dynamically generate the SQL used to query your database
  • Custom PivotTables: Simply drag and drop items directly into the PivotTable and display them in your report
  • Task Scheduler: Schedule reports to run and generate results in folders or email them (integrated with Windows Task Scheduler)
  • The low total cost of ownership (total cost of ownership): The product is designed for minimal ongoing maintenance

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