Docker Containers!What is a Docker Container?

Docker Containers!What is a Docker Container?

I never knew anything about dockers till about 7–8 weeks ago (as of writing this). I had come into contact with dockers only because of a…

Virtual Machines vs Container Containers and virtual machines have similar resource isolation and allocation benefits but function differently because containers virtualize the operating system instead of hardware. Containers are more portable and efficient.

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Docker Image and Container

Docker enables developers to easily pack, ship, and run any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container, which can run virtually anywhere. … Containers do this by enabling developers to isolate code into a single container. This makes it easier to modify and update the program

Preprocessing your images for machine learning (image recognition)

During my studies at JKU there was a task for preprocessing images for a machine learning project. It is necessary to clean the raw images…

Docker creating an image | Build and run your image | Docker Fundamentals

Docker create an image from a container | Creating your own image | How to create Docker Image from a Container and Dockerfile

Removing Docker Images

In a previous article, we explained the difference between Docker images and Docker containers. In short: An image is like a Java class, and containers are like Java objects. In this tutorial, we'll look at the various ways of removing Docker images.

Committing Docker Container Changes to New Images

Learn how to commit changes from a container to a new Docker Image using the Docker Commit command, and preserve changes for fixes and investigation