Google Cloud helps SMBs adapt to COVID-19

Google Cloud helps SMBs adapt to COVID-19

Google Cloud helps SMBs adapt to COVID-19. Google Cloud Platform has helped numerous companies and organizations adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic

No matter where you are in the world, we’ve all had to adapt our routines to navigate the “new normal” brought on by COVID-19. We’ve been inspired by the ways businesses and organizations have responded, from accelerating medical research using the latest AI technology to enabling remote healthcare to protect doctors and their patients. As Google Cloud small and medium business (SMB) customers keep innovating to support governments and organizations around the world, we share some of their stories to inspire you in the fight against this virus:

Giving millions the information they urgently need

COVID-19 triggered an overwhelming need for information, flooding healthcare support centers with calls. At the same time, social distancing measures disrupted legacy customer support systems and forced call center staff to find new, safer ways to provide continuous support to those in need. Solutions were needed to keep the public informed, and and Clustaar promptly partnered with entrepreneurs, businesses, and governmental organizations to help.

Spanish startup Landbot helps people find what they need, quickly and easily, when browsing a website. A no-code solution, Landbot is easy to implement on both the web and popular messaging platforms, gives users an interactive, adaptive messaging thread that uses conversational prompts to understand and deliver the information they need. Since the start of the pandemic, organizations all over the world—from online pharmacies in Ireland to hospitals in the US to official COVID-19 communication channels in Syria—have used Landbot at cost price or for free to supply the public with urgent information. So far, Landbot has automated 280 million messages to respond to urgent requests from more than 20 million unique users. To make this possible, Google Cloud for Startups supports with free credits to grow and continue developing more resources using the same tools and infrastructure used to build Google.

At the same time, in France, Clustaar is reducing the pressure on customer support lines using front-line chatbots, designed to handle the high volumes of medical and political queries on local government and media websites. With support from the Google Cloud for Startups program, Clustaar has scaled its architecture to handle more than 8 million queries from more than 1.5 million people.

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