Angular v/s React v/s Vue: Which Framework to Choose

After releasing Angular and React, there is a debate among developers about whether they should choose Angular vs React. But after a couple of years, the developers got more confused when Vue came into the market.

Developers always get confused about what to use for their projects. Here we come with an article to solve this problem. Simultaneously, the article will provide an insight on how to hire Angular.js developers.   

The article will show the differences between Angular vs React and Vue. Before that, we will discuss their definition, features, pros, and cons.

What is Angular?

Angular is a TypeScript-based, open-source JavaScrip framework. Google maintains this framework. By using HTML and TypeScript, it builds a single-page application. It is a platform used for building mobile and desktop web applications. It creates lighter and faster applications by eliminating unnecessary features and code through the TypeScript development language.

It was released in 2010 as Angular.Js and was quickly popular amongst developers. After that, from time to time, Google released different versions of Angular. It is very helpful in custom software development as well. To understand better, let’s see some features of Angular.

Top Features of Angular

  1. Cross-platform

It plays a crucial role in creating advanced web applications (PWA). Use contemporary web capabilities to offer an app-like experience.

  1. Efficient MVC Architecture

MVC refers to Model-view-controller. One of the top features of Angular enhances the client-side applications.

  1. Sectional Structure

The angular framework organizes code into different modules while building them.

  1. Native

It develops native mobile applications from Ionic, NativeScript, or Cordova.

  1. Code Generation

It converts your templates into code that optimizes for JavaScript virtual machines.

  1. Timely Upgradation

If the framework is not upgraded from time to time, you may be left behind in the race of the digital world. So it is necessary to upgrade your framework from time to time. To solve this problem, Angular improves its component Development kit from time to time.

What are the Advantages of Angular Framework?

Some of the pros of Angular are given below:-

  1. It has effective Cross-platform development solutions.
  2. You can create any complex applications with Angular.
  3. Angular capabilities like template syntax, Routers, Angular CLI, etc., make it possible for an application to load quickly and more accessible for the programmer’s work.
  4. Angular’s code is easy, logical, and faster.
  5. It has an excellent material design library.

 What are the Disadvantages of Angular Framework?

Some of the cons of Angular are given below:-

  1. Angular is only a framework. It is a platform. So it is hard to learn at the beginning.
  2. The Angular app can be heavy in size if the wrong code is used.
  3. It is tough to integrate with a third party.
  4. Debugging scopes are complex with limited routing.
  5. When you upgrade from an old version to a new version, several complications may arise.

What is React?

React is a flexible, efficient, declarative JavaScript library that helps create user interfaces. It is an open-source front-end JavaScript library. It is a user interface library.

Facebook created this JavaScript-based library in 2013. Till then, it has been one of the most popular and commonly used libraries for web development. Many custom software development companies utilize React for a swift and single app base. Let’s see some features of React.

Top Features of React Technology

Some features of React:-

  1. It can use third-party libraries.
  2. It is a time-saving library.
  3. It provides code stability due to its one-directional data binding.
  4. It has improved the user experience.

What is Vue?

Vue is an open-source model-view-ViewModel front-end JavaScript framework. It is used for developing single-page applications and user interfaces. Evan created this framework to serve Vue.js web development. It is a famous and popular framework for simplifying web development. Let’s see some features of Vue.

Top Features of Vue

Some of the features of Vue:-

  1. It has a data binding feature that helps style change, assign classes, and assigns or manipulate values to HTML attributes.
  2. One of the essential features of Vue is components. It creates custom elements that can be reused in HTML.
  3. The script of Vue is lightweight, and its performance is also fast.

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Autumn  Blick

Autumn Blick


How native is React Native? | React Native vs Native App Development

If you are undertaking a mobile app development for your start-up or enterprise, you are likely wondering whether to use React Native. As a popular development framework, React Native helps you to develop near-native mobile apps. However, you are probably also wondering how close you can get to a native app by using React Native. How native is React Native?

In the article, we discuss the similarities between native mobile development and development using React Native. We also touch upon where they differ and how to bridge the gaps. Read on.

A brief introduction to React Native

Let’s briefly set the context first. We will briefly touch upon what React Native is and how it differs from earlier hybrid frameworks.

React Native is a popular JavaScript framework that Facebook has created. You can use this open-source framework to code natively rendering Android and iOS mobile apps. You can use it to develop web apps too.

Facebook has developed React Native based on React, its JavaScript library. The first release of React Native came in March 2015. At the time of writing this article, the latest stable release of React Native is 0.62.0, and it was released in March 2020.

Although relatively new, React Native has acquired a high degree of popularity. The “Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019” report identifies it as the 8th most loved framework. Facebook, Walmart, and Bloomberg are some of the top companies that use React Native.

The popularity of React Native comes from its advantages. Some of its advantages are as follows:

  • Performance: It delivers optimal performance.
  • Cross-platform development: You can develop both Android and iOS apps with it. The reuse of code expedites development and reduces costs.
  • UI design: React Native enables you to design simple and responsive UI for your mobile app.
  • 3rd party plugins: This framework supports 3rd party plugins.
  • Developer community: A vibrant community of developers support React Native.

Why React Native is fundamentally different from earlier hybrid frameworks

Are you wondering whether React Native is just another of those hybrid frameworks like Ionic or Cordova? It’s not! React Native is fundamentally different from these earlier hybrid frameworks.

React Native is very close to native. Consider the following aspects as described on the React Native website:

  • Access to many native platforms features: The primitives of React Native render to native platform UI. This means that your React Native app will use many native platform APIs as native apps would do.
  • Near-native user experience: React Native provides several native components, and these are platform agnostic.
  • The ease of accessing native APIs: React Native uses a declarative UI paradigm. This enables React Native to interact easily with native platform APIs since React Native wraps existing native code.

Due to these factors, React Native offers many more advantages compared to those earlier hybrid frameworks. We now review them.

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Ollie  Dietrich

Ollie Dietrich


Comprehensive Look At Angular, React and Vue.js

There is no doubting the fact that web development and custom software development has been on a thriving technological ride in previous times several years. And when it comes to the frontend, JavaScript has been at the helm of this drive.


This popularity has given increase to tons of JavaScript frameworks along the way. Deciding on a JavaScript framework for your web app can be overwhelming. Angular and React are very well-known these days, and there is a younger which has been getting a lot of traction lately: VueJS.

The aim of this video is to take a comprehensive look at such widely used frameworks – #Angular and #Vue – and one library – #React.

And also share your opinions on these three in the comment section.

 #javascript #angular #vue #react-native 

Why the industries are choosing to react instead of angular - INFO AT ONE

Angular JS is a typescript-based application developed by Google. It’s an open-source web application framework, specifically made for the front end Web developers. As we know that the Angular is created by Google it gets very good support from Google and some individual communities of developers.

Read More:-

#angular #angular and react #js cons of angular #cons of react js #difference between angular and react js #pros of react js

Carroll  Klein

Carroll Klein


JS frameworks: React, Angular, or Vue? Consider the pros and cons

In this tutorial, we will discuss three of the most popular javascript frameworks: React, Angular, and Vue. We will look at the pros and cons of each, their usage statistics, discussions about which one to choose, and which one should be studied for future use. Because programming languages and frameworks are all tools in a developers tool belt, and each has its place. It is worth learning tools you find meaningful, useful to accomplish a task that’s not only convenient, but is suitable for specific tasks. Again, we should remind ourselves that because these changes occur rapidly, after a year and a half a year, the situation can radically change.

#angular #react #vue #vue.js #react-native

Roberta  Ward

Roberta Ward


Wondering how to upgrade your skills in the pandemic? Here's a simple way you can do it.

Corona Virus Pandemic has brought the world to a standstill.

Countries are on a major lockdown. Schools, colleges, theatres, gym, clubs, and all other public places are shut down, the country’s economy is suffering, human health is on stake, people are losing their jobs and nobody knows how worse it can get.

Since most of the places are on lockdown, and you are working from home or have enough time to nourish your skills, then you should use this time wisely! We always complain that we want some ‘time’ to learn and upgrade our knowledge but don’t get it due to our ‘busy schedules’. So, now is the time to make a ‘list of skills’ and learn and upgrade your skills at home!

And for the technology-loving people like us, Knoldus Techhub has already helped us a lot in doing it in a short span of time!

If you are still not aware of it, don’t worry as Georgia Byng has well said,

“No time is better than the present”

– Georgia Byng, a British children’s writer, illustrator, actress and film producer.

No matter if you are a developer (be it front-end or back-end) or a data scientisttester, or a DevOps person, or, a learner who has a keen interest in technology, Knoldus Techhub has brought it all for you under one common roof.

From technologies like Scala, spark, elastic-search to angular, go, machine learning, it has a total of 20 technologies with some recently added ones i.e. DAML, test automation, snowflake, and ionic.

How to upgrade your skills?

Every technology in Tech-hub has n number of templates. Once you click on any specific technology you’ll be able to see all the templates of that technology. Since these templates are downloadable, you need to provide your email to get the template downloadable link in your mail.

These templates helps you learn the practical implementation of a topic with so much of ease. Using these templates you can learn and kick-start your development in no time.

Apart from your learning, there are some out of the box templates, that can help provide the solution to your business problem that has all the basic dependencies/ implementations already plugged in. Tech hub names these templates as xlr8rs (pronounced as accelerators).

xlr8rs make your development real fast by just adding your core business logic to the template.

If you are looking for a template that’s not available, you can also request a template may be for learning or requesting for a solution to your business problem and tech-hub will connect with you to provide you the solution. Isn’t this helpful 🙂

Confused with which technology to start with?

To keep you updated, the Knoldus tech hub provides you with the information on the most trending technology and the most downloaded templates at present. This you’ll be informed and learn the one that’s most trending.

Since we believe:

“There’s always a scope of improvement“

If you still feel like it isn’t helping you in learning and development, you can provide your feedback in the feedback section in the bottom right corner of the website.

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