Running Your First Test With NightWatchJS

Running Your First Test With NightWatchJS

Running Your First Test With NightWatchJS. Nightwatch.js is one of the most popular JavaScript testing frameworks. This Nightwatch.js tutorial will help you get started with Let us run the first sample test “ecosia. js”. It has the feature to execute the tests efficiently. You will be able to write your first tests in Nightwatch.js Selenium.

In the world of automation testing, Selenium continues to be the most sought after tool. With shorter development cycles and faster releases backed by Agile and DevOps, companies are keen on adopting the right automation testing strategy on par with the development and ensure a high-quality end product. Speeding up automation testing means choosing a plan that aids in handling repetitive work and optimizing tasks with minimal maintenance and effort. And herein lies the importance of implementing the right test automation framework.

Various test automation frameworks are available in the market to choose from. Nightwatch.js is one such well-favored JavaScript-based framework since its release in 2014. This blog will be your guide to everything you need to know to kickstart your journey in Nightwatch.js automation.

Starting with a brief overview, our primary focus in this Nightwatch.js tutorial would be setting up and configuration of Nightwatch.js into your system. And by the end, you will be able to write your first test in Nightwatch.js Selenium.

Let’s get started!


  • What Is Nightwatch.js?
  • Nightwatch.js Installation & Local Set Up
  • Writing Your First Nightwatch.js Automation Test Script
  • Parallel Testing Using Nightwatch.js
  • Cross Browser Testing & Test Coverage Across Devices
  • Test Execution With Selenium Grid Cloud

The reason behind Nightwatch.js popularity is its out of the box features. Some of the noteworthy features that make Nightwatch.js so popular are:

  1. Easy To Use – with a clean and simple syntax, code can be written swiftly and efficiently.
  2. In-Built Test Runner – comes with an inbuilt command-line test runner suite with Grunt support for executing Selenium automated tests.
  3. Page Object Model – supports CSS and XPath locators making browser automation more manageable.
  4. Flexibility – enables unit, integration as well as end-to-end testing.
  5. Selenium Server Support – it can automatically control the standalone Selenium server or various browser web drivers.
  6. Integrations – provides a single integrated solution for application testing, eliminating the dependency on third-party software.
  7. Support For Cloud Services – compatible with cloud-based testing platforms like LambdaTest.
  8. Continuous Integration – supports software like  Jenkins, TeamCity, etc., assisting developers in continuously building and testing software.

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